Wanna Know What I Did?



I’d like to tell you that this accident occurred while I was playing flag football with all the kids in the neighborhood. Or that it happened while I was outside workin’ the land. I think it’d be awfully cool if I obtained this injury by being in a hard-core kick boxing class of some sort. But I can not tell a lie. Yesterday afternoon around 1:00, I was just about to finish cleaning our bathroom. I was rinsing the bathtub and was leaning to get the back part because I DID NOT want to get into the tub to clean it because HELLO, my dirty feet would have gotten it dirty again and we can not have that. As I was leaning, my legs were stretched out and I felt and heard a pop in my right calf muscle. And then the IMMEDIATE, EXCRUCIATING pain followed. Dear sweet Lord baby Jesus, I was hurting. I could not walk. At all. I hopped to get Chris and then hobbled back to the bed. And I have been off my leg since then. Good times. We have not gone to the ER yet but will if the pain gets worse. I have no idea what I have really done to myself but have been in contact with my doc and another friend, who is about to begin his orthopedic surgery residency.  So, I’m in good, medical hands. I don’t think it’s serious enough for surgery but I will probably be on the crutches, that the Spradlin’s loaned us, for several days. It is SO, so hard for me to sit. Because I don’t sit, y’all. My sitting doesn’t usually occur until after 9:00 at night just in time to get me settled into the comfy chair for House Hunters. The Hubby and I both look forward to seeing Suzanne Whang’s face for we know that three house plans are soon to follow. Sophie agrees. Anyway, I’m having to rest. And prop the leg up. And ice it. And now I think I have to start heating it. That’s all for now. Love you all 🙂

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  1. Oooh, so sorry!! REST easy…hope the pain eases up or at least you can get it looked at soon! Take care… 🙂

  2. Cindy,
    You poor dear! It sounds like you might have torn a tendon or a muscle in your calf. In our vast experience with injuries at our house (from achilles tendons, bicep ruptures, torn ACLs, MCLs, broken legs and the like….hearing a ‘pop’ can be very painful and will require medical attention once the swelling has gone down. I am glad you have friends in the field.

    Let your sweet man and boys wait on you! Try not to worry about all that needs to be done. Good thing you have cable since all three networks have been on nothing but tornado coverage the last three + hours.

    We use a great orthopaedic guy here in Edmond. Email me and I will be more than happy to give you his name. He is top notch and has operated on both my husband and me.

  3. Owie!!! Rest up! Hope we don’t see you at the ER. My husband had emergency surgery on Thursday, but it looks like we are making a return trip to the ER here soon. Praying for you, for healing and patience. I don’t sit down much during the day, and for me to sit down means I am going to sleep! I know how hard it is to be told to sit and having your heart not into sitting. But on the other hand maybe you like watching tornado coverage. 🙂

  4. i feel for you. i broke my foot and had ankle surgery and spent 6 months on crutches all because of a trip to the grocery store. but i guess i can at least say i left the house 😉

  5. If I was closer I would come and watch House Hunters with you . Love that show. I would also try and help you super independent woman!!!

    Hope you experience a super speedy recovery!

  6. man that hurts! I can relate with you on not stepping in the tub after cleaning but after this I will definitly reconsider my need for a perfectly clean shower. I think!

  7. Takin one for the team. My hero! It’s tough being a woman. You could really milk this one girl…

    “Kids! Look what I endure for you. So you can enjoy a pleasant scrub down in a sparkling tub. Yes. I did this for you. No. Don’t thank me – just remember my pain when you are sudsy tomorrow. Remember mommy loves you…”

    Oh yah – I’d be all over that!


  8. Oh man, so sorry! I hate the “pop”. I’m glad you have your 3 guys to love on ya! I’ll be praying for a swift recovery.

  9. Go to the dr!! And on the previous post, I love you and your kids, but for the love of all that is holy, no more pictures of poo please. =)

  10. Oh I am so sorry! I pray you find the relief you need soon and that whatever medical course of action needs to be taken is as non-invasive as possible.
    p.s. I agree with Robin’s comment 🙂 Enough poop.

  11. Yikes! I am so sorry. I hope you get to feeling better soon. What a way to start the long weekend.

    Robin and Mary, I totally get what your saying about the poop. I spent a long moment staring at the picture because it said “Do you know what this is?” I am so competitive I wanted to be the first to guess it. It wasn’t until I scrolled down that I realized it was a RHETORICAL question and that I had been deeply gazing at doodoo. All I can say is that my stomach is a little gurgly just thinking about it.

    Take it easy!! And RICE it as my track coach used to say. (That is rest, ice, compression, elevation) Love ya.

  12. Well, that sounds fun!
    I’m sorry to hear that!
    Looks like someone needed a rest…
    well there you have it.
    Let me know if you need anything!

  13. nothing good ever comes from cleaning a bathroom.

    (well, except for having a clean bathroom i suppose…)

    i hope you feel better really soon!

  14. Dang! I’m the accident prone one in my family…crazy ‘accidents’ like that always happen. I’m so sorry. Holler if you need more books and movies to keep yourself entertained. 🙂

  15. Though I don’t feel your pain (your leg pain), I do feel your pain about bathtub scrubbing – it seems to be a never-ending battle! I do hope you’re feeling better. Have a blessed week!

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