Wanna Know How Pathetic I Am?

Remember this post about my 4-year old son’s bee? Well, after not mentioning it for TWO WHOLE DAYS I could take it no more and finally asked him, “Have you thought about your bee?” I did it for me, y’all. I want him to have that bee.  I need him to have that bee. He’s my baby.  He’s the last one.  And while I don’t desire to get pregnant, stay sick for a good portion of my pregnancy, gain weight, have back aches, go through labor and delivery and then spend a good portion of the night getting up to feed and change a baby, I’d do it again just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Because I don’t want to miss anything.  After I asked him about his bee, he got a little teary since IT WAS BEDTIME FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD.   He asked for it and I told him that I’d get it for him. The bee, it is back.  And it barely covers his body. And in a sick, sort of way, I am glad.

18 thoughts on “Wanna Know How Pathetic I Am?”

  1. totally pathetic!!!

    What do we do???

    I “promise my heart” (from my post today about my baby) that I will not allow him to grow up.. B and all!!! 🙂

    Oh sister… what feelings!!!

  2. Oh this is how I felt about the pacifiers, even though those are kind of gross. It was the last sign of the baby in them. *sigh* Although I must say, I am glad the paci is gone. 😉

  3. I can so relate, Cindy! My son had started school and still had is bankie. I had TWO (so I could wash one) but he knew which one was the substitute. No judgments from this side. I miss that tattered ole stinky thing and truth be told, even I knew which one was the original. 🙂

  4. not pathetic. the time passes sooo quickly. its like sand thru your fingers. i’ve been blogging about the same thing recently. by the way – the first time i commented on your blog, i said i was a “young mom”…well i meant to say i was a “mom of young kids”. i got the “young” in the wrong spot. ha. i mean – i’m pretty young…but still…i meant to say that the kids were young 🙂
    you are a blessing.

  5. If you are pathetic, than I will be too. My Tobin has a “silky” and he HAS to have at night to sleep. I don’t look forward to the day that he tells me he doesn’t want it… *tear*

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