Wal-Mart Saga #287

As much as I’ve complained about Wal-Mart in my life, I still shop there. Yes, it’s hypocritical and I resemble that. But, after my spiritual butt kickin’ last week, I’m going in with a better attitude and instead of expecting them to reach out to me as their customer, LIKE THEY SHOULD, I’m just sayin’… I am making the effort to reach out first. I went in this morning to drop off a prescription and the woman at the pharmacy was pleasant. VERY pleasant. AND helpful! Then, when I came back to pay for the RX, the guy was like, “Do you want to use your EZ-Pay?” And I’m like, “Yes, I do.” And he’s all, “Here you go. HAVE A GREAT AFTERNOON!” What the…? I felt important. I continued shopping for groceries and got a smile from one of the employees who was putting up the bread. I turned around to make sure there wasn’t some drop-dead gorgeous woman nearby. Nope. The smile was for me. As I approached the register, the cashier was nice and helpful and didn’t give me a dirty look as if I was disrupting her day. Oh, and I decided to stop in the clothing section and found several shirts on MAJOR sale. I know some of you would never CONSIDER purchasing clothes at Wal-Mart, but when you are a thick girl like me, you’d get ’em from KFC if they fit right. Hello? Could there be a Wal-Mart redemption on it’s way? Maybe so, maybe so. Signed, Warming up to the Waltons

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  1. How funny! I know EXACTLY what you mean… I wrote a few blogs on MySpace about WalMart. Perhaps they are turing things around…

    I love reading your stuff… you’re stinkin’ hilarious!

  2. Cindy, Oh how your story resonates with some of my trips to Wal-Mart. Recently I ran into a grocery store thinking to myself I just need 2 items so even if the service is bad and no one speaks to me this will be quick and painless. As I place my items on the counter to pay the young girl (probably all of 16 years old) looks right at me and says, “So how is your day?” and I about fell over in the floor and I replied, “Great!” Then I said, “How is your day?” She then shared some brief comments and then I left. As I was walking to my car I was thinking “God why did I go in there and not expect the best?” Lesson learned – I need to be a shining light not just a consumer when I go shopping!

  3. That’s pretty funny because I went to exchange some stuff at Wal-Mart this morning and was thinking of how exchanging stuff there is da bomb. And by ‘da bomb’ I mean ‘really frustrating.’

    And, I find it hard to believe that a wal-mart worker smiled at you. Because, I’ve never seen one besides at the check-out. Well, one time I was pretty sure I spotted one, but it could’ve been the road runner. They were moving pretty quickly.

  4. You are such a great writer. Sometimes it just really takes me back how God give us such unique gifts. Now, i’m not saying that you are bad at verbal communication. It’s just that after 15 years of marriage (as of tomorrow),we can say a paragraph with a simple look or a grunt. I guess what i am trying to say is that you are very good at drawing me in to your life in such witty way with your written words. Happy day before our anniversary. Oh and please try to prevent the boys from sucking the eyeballs out of there head while i am out of town. 🙂

  5. I just recently started reading your blog and you have revealed two things about yourself that made me love you.
    1. You are 5’10” (I am one inch taller)
    2. You have admitted you are thick (me too:)

    Thanks for sharing your earlier posts regarding you marriage crisis and renewal, revealing your truth will bless many people.

  6. You know, God’s grace for all those who come to Him as their Lord and Saviour knowing full well we don’t deserve Him. That I can easily wrap my head around.

    Grace for Wal-Mart? That is faith on levels I cannot even begin to explore 😉

    I am not going to come on like some snob as if I refuse to shop there. Truth be told, where I live at in Dallas, Wal-Mart is much further than 3 Tom-Thumbs. 1 Central Market, 1 Super Target, 1 Kroger and tons of other storesI don’t know about. For me to get to either Wal-Mart, I have to pay toll.

    In these times of high gas prices, I won’t come out ahead shopping at Wal-Mart.

  7. Here’s my story: I had an overly friendly cashier at Wal-mart the other day, he even asked me how my day was and then asked if I was just getting off work. It was Sunday and I told him that I was actually just trying to get some things done before returning to work the next day. A few seconds later my brain registers that I am actually wearing khaki pants and a navy shirt…just like the Wal-mart employees–he thought I worked there! I didn’t mean to, but I got tickled. Luckily I managed to keep all giggles in until I got to the parking lot. The next time I visited Wal-mart, it was about two days before Christmas…all the lines were pretty long but I found the “shortest” one. Guess who was my cashier? Um-Hum. I’m going to seek him out next time, as I’ve decided it must be time to invite him to church.

  8. I’m actually a fan of Wal-Mart, probably from my days up in Stillwater where that place was a life-saver. And honestly, I enjoy most interactions with the employees. It’s the customers that drive me crazy . . . 🙂

  9. It’s become sort of a game of mine to engage every cashier in a conversation. I don’t even wait for them. I ask them how their day is, when are they getting off work, if they are a student. Heck, these people are my “scope of influence”! When you are a SAHM you’re usually glad to talk to anyone!! LOL This has brought up some interesting conversations and I’ve even had the opportunity to ask several of them to church. It’s fun! (My kids think I’m crazy…maybe they’re right!) 😉

  10. Maybe someone over “there” reads your blog and they figured you were coming?? 🙂 In the last couple of months I’ve been diligent about trying to smile and chat with them, totally not in my nature, and it usually works. We shouldn’t have to try so hard but hey… By the way, Happy Anniversary to you and Chris and I pray many, many more!

  11. Oh Cindy…I need more of you in my life…I LOVE to laugh and I think you would make me laugh lots.

    And what’s up with this line:
    I turned around to make sure there wasn’t some drop-dead gorgeous woman nearby.

    You are GORGEOUS!

  12. Hi Cindy-
    This is not really a comment about your blog although I should leave a comment (I am a blog comment phobic I have never left a comment as I don’t want to sound stupid and you know once it is out there… well its out there )- as I thoroughly enjoy your posts! My heat pounded as I ready your story about you and Chris and I laugh until I almost cry when I read about your boys and your walmart adventures! (Brian and I have a theory on walmart I will have to share with you sometime!) I truly enjoy your humor and appreciate your willingness to be transparent!

    I don’t have an email address for you and I wanted to send you a note to thank you. Today I was thinking about all of the dlt guys that have been in town and about the sacrifice you make so that Chris can be here with us and our campus. Thank you for everything you do so that we can have Chris here. It is greatly appreciated!

    Chris said it is your anniversary tomorrow! Congratulations!! You two have a lot to celebrate! What an amazing testimony you marriage is!!!
    Gina Kruckenberg

  13. First of all, you might be mentally thick, but you ain’t physically thick. 😉

    Second of all, you TEXAS and OKLAHOMA people crack me up. I’m born and bred from the East Coast (MD/DC area) and the MAIN reason we moved out here to this landlocked state was b/c people were so nice! You have it good, and you don’t even know it.

    Try DC…..NO ONE makes eye contact, for any reason!

  14. Glad to hear there are some “people-persons” working there (at least in the pharmacy and the bread aisle!) I’ve often wondered WHY in the world someone who hates being nice or can’t at least fake it would EVER get a customer service/cashier job! Harumph! I always see it as a “kill ’em with kindness test” 🙂

    Great post! You crack me up. We need to hang out. For real.

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