Vancouver 2010

I am a complete and utter Olympic junkie. Since the opening ceremony one week ago today, I’ve neglected household duties, ignored phone calls/texts/emails and have forsaken all that is good and right in the world to see just how many gold medals Michael Phelps can win. And don’t even get me started on those darling we’re not expected to do a dang thang in Beijing little boys who are our BRONZE MEDAL gymnasts. Ahem. Dare I mention the men’s 4 X 100 freestyle swim relay? What happened France? Cat got your tongue? 🙂 Competing in different sports as a teenager, I love so many of them. And I’d be tellin’ you a fib if I didn’t once daydream of being an Olympian. To represent my beloved America. To be on the medal stand when Old Glory is raised and seein’ tears are streaming down my momma’s face. To actually sing the national anthem when it’s being played. A girl can dream. Even at 37 years old. But, you see the problem with all of that was that I had no truly amazing talent that set me apart from the rest. I was a mediocre basketball player, who actually spent more time cheering my team on from the bench than helping them from the court. I did a fairly decent job in the high jump, that is, until some extra pounds found their way to my mid-section. Do you know how hard it is to get a 5’11”, 125 pound frame over a bar sitting at 5 feet, 4 inches? Very. Anyway, the Hubby and I were laughing at discussing what we could do in the Olympics right now at our ages. We immediately knew what his talent would be. Researching. Folks, the man can seriously find out anything about any product at any time of the day. He is the master at purchasing things that are well-made. In fact, if you even mention that you are considering buying something in his presence, he very well could show up on your doorstep the next morning with a print out of why you should or should not buy the item. I know, right? Finding my talent took a bit more time. And even though there are plenty of others who can do this well, I feel that I’d have a real shot at winning Olympic gold if indeed they had a competition for making spreadsheets. Stop all the laughing. I’m sharing my dream, here. I, too, found myself chuckling as I imagined how the commentators would describe the event to the TV viewing audience. It could go a little something like this:
Bob Costas: The spreadsheet making team has just arrived to the coliseum. The US is extremely hopeful with Cindy Beall in this category. Cindy comes to Canada from Oklahoma, where the wind truly does come sweeping down the plain. However, she was born and raised in the state of Texas. We asked her how she prepares for such an event and she said, “I just think about my grocery list that I made and shared with all of my friends back home and I feel confident that I can make something similar again. I have a peace in that.” Matt Lauer: Wow, Bob. There she is right now. She has such poise and confidence. She doesn’t appear nervous at all. Look, she just did the Hook ’em Horns sign to the crowd. Now that is relaxed. Bob Costas: She is calm indeed. Just a few more minutes and we’ll see exactly what she does under such pressure. Matt Lauer: Her husband and sons are in the crowd. I had the opportunity to talk with them earlier and while doing so, her husband teared up when talking about how hard she has worked. He’s really proud of her, Bob. Bob Costas: And rightly so, Matt. And Here we go. Cindy is walking up up to the table where the laptop is. We should let everyone know that these computers do not belong to the participants. The participants are ready. And they are off. Our viewing audience is able to see what the participant’s are doing by way of large screens above. Matt Lauer: This is really impressive. The crowd is really into this and is totally off the charts. Bob Costas: I’ve never seen such camaraderie, such enthusiasm for a non-athletic competition. Holy smokes, did you see that move by Beall? It’s rare to see such a gutsy attempt at widening the column this early on in the event. And oh my stars, she’s done it again! She just grayed out some lines which clearly helps one see a clear distinction from the others. Matt Lauer: I am blown away and am…
Bob and Matt, the commentators? As if. Enjoy the rest of the Beijing games 🙂

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  1. I’m with you girl. Excel came right from God’s Geek Squad. My favorite is linking numbers from one spreadsheet to automatically plug into (and automatically update when changed) into another spreadsheet. Oh the joy of it!! I love you Cindy. Because I do, I am going to give you the name of a good therapist. 🙂 We should go together.

  2. you make me laugh! I, too, enjoy the olympics. I have no athletic anything!! So most of the time I just love watching those who are so different than me! It is all good until those beach volleyball girls come on the screen and then athletic and great physique…too much. Must go back to PBS kids programming!! Go USA!

  3. That was beautiful, I’m not gonna lie!
    I’d go to the olympics to see you compete…we’ll maybe not just to see you make a spreadsheet, but definitely I’d stick around to see you too!

  4. They would probably show that on at like 4 in the morning because the tension would be too high for regular people to watch.

  5. Wow,
    I was talking to my friend too last night on the phone about my ‘dream’ of being really good at something. No not just ‘good enough’ but good at the world’s caliber.

    Maybe at competitive eating, which comes naturally to me.


  6. Now that makes me giggle! I am on the Olympics junkie train as well….What could I do to compete? Lately…most coffee consumed in the morning after a night of olympic insomnia

  7. I would be one of your competitors, watch out! Hey, send me an email, I need your email address so I can send you a devotional that I got that made me think of you!

  8. But then…Heinecke uses an =VLOOK up formula to increase the difficulty level in her own routine, snatching the Gold from Beall just as she hits Ctrl-S. The crowd goes wild…

  9. Natalie would be in the crowd wringing her hands and wondering why on earth anyone would want to work THAT hard!

    up at the computer by 5 am for workout. Eat a 1539 calorie breakfast. blog. more spreadsheet exercises. lunch. more spreadsheets. grocery store. back to the laptop for another 1 hour workout session perfecting the column width and formulas. hearty dinner. family time. one last look at the laptop before bed.

    Yeah, NO WAY i’d even get to the olympics in this catagory.

    Bible drills? I’d win HANDS DOWN!

  10. Bob Costas: “Oh boy, oh boy, Matt. Here comes Canadian defending champ of the spreadsheets Hope Jammes. Look at her eyeing Cindy. She’s instense.”

    Matt Lauer: “I see that Bob. Watch out Cindy. The reigning Queen looks like she’s about to … oh my … did you see that move … I barely saw her fingers move!” 🙂

    Just a bit of good clean competition, Mrs. Beall.

  11. Your friend Mandy told me about your blog…and the first post already has me laughing. OH man, your thoughts on what the commentators would say..that is hilarious!! It makes me wonder what my “sport” would be. 🙂

  12. Seriously…we just had a conversation where the KIDS pretended to be BOB….talking about ME…you know what I do? laundry…a GOLD medal in laundry…

    man…with all those 40 ISH women..swimming and weight lifting….I’ve got my eye on 2012….now just getting them to add laundry to the list…there ARE times that laundry basket could get me at LEAST into the qualifying round..???
    uh huh!

    See you at the Well tomorrow!
    I’ll be sweet talkin!

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