Vacuum Hickeys

I wish you could have been with me. There I was, making every attempt to clean…no, make that sanitize my lovely Honda Accord yesterday afternoon from all the bouts of snow and ice we’ve had over the last month when my sons BOTH decide to start giving themselves hickeys with the vacuum cleaner hose. Yes. Yes they did. At one point, Seth had the suction on his entire eye and both he and his brother were laughing hysterically as his eyeball nearly came out of the socket. Dear Lord. Later they decide to turn on the water outside and make mud pies. Mud pies are fun, right? They are until your 3-year old submerges his entire face into the mud puddle to where you can only see his eyes and teeth and then comes to show you like he’s won a trophy. Again, they were beside themselves. I love boys. I really do. I doubt I could handle the drama that girls bring. But sometimes, Lord? Can you just make them stop all this nonsense? Pre-shade-it.

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  1. Okay, I am laughing hysterically!

    I am sorry but having three boys myself who are almost 20, 16, and almost 15, I could not help but comiserate with you and let you in on a secret…..they will get older and still do things that will keep you in utter disbelief and shock. But NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING, is sweeter than those big, whiskered, sweaty, smelly boys coming up and tenderly giving their Mama a kiss on the cheek with a quiet, “I Love you Mom”! Mercy sakes, it just happened tonight with my oldest.

    Mud and boys are they not synonmous with one another?

    Sweet story my friend!

  2. That was hilarious… I wish you could have seen the look on YOUR face, even better…that’s what made me laugh!
    Sometimes I think God meant for me to be a little boy, but I made gourmet mud pies…and then threw them at people, it was AWESOME!

  3. I have to agree with Vickie–they don’t really change. And it’s sweet. (But don’t tell them that!) Since my two youngest girls moved out this summer, the dinner table conversation has really changed with two boys, my husband, and me. ; )

    Yes, you could handle the drama of girls, Cindy. And they make GREAT friends as they get older.

  4. Oh my I am laughing out loud, that was so funny. I love Noah and Seth they are just adorable. The other day when we dropped off the swing Seth flew a paper airplane on the roof (when you and Noah went to pick-up Noah’s friend) and he comes in to tell Chris all about it. It was so cute…Seth says there is a paper airplane on our roof and Chris replied who put it there, you? Then Seth replies yes and laughs, then Chris says well you better get up there on the roof and get it. Then Chris said get the ladder and put it up against the house and get that plane down. I was just laughing thinking to myself will he go and get the ladder. Seth just laughed it was so cute! 🙂 As far as I now the wind blew it off the roof!

  5. It’s amazing and sometimes scary what they come up with eh? God protect these precious ones.

  6. Take heart—I’ve heard playing in the dirt when you are young helps build up your immune system and keeps you from having allergies when you are older! 🙂

    And at least if the boys’ ‘hickeys’ last, people will know they are too young to have REAL ones!!

  7. Well, our house got the estrogen, that’s for sure! We do have drama, but I tend to wonder if I could handle the sillyness of boys! 🙂 I love that God has designed our homes with just the right hormone for us parents!! LOVE YOU

  8. Cindy,

    Have you read “Wild at Heart”? Great book if you are raising boys. My sisters both have boys and one of them (the 2 year old) is so completely a boy. He would have LOVED the mud.

  9. i love it!

    my boy-ness does not bias me one…single…bit…:)

    thanks for the funny mental images!

  10. OH HOW FUN…I agree with Joe….I think we are stuck Cindy…I think they will never stop playing in dirt and doing all things boy. And why is farting and burping so darn funny to them too????

  11. I am cracking up laughing and trying not to spit my cereal out my nose reading this! I love having boys too. They make for great stories in life. This reminded me of one of my own boy stories that made me roll my eyes laughing. today’s post at http://www.heineckes.blogspot.com – linking your blog to my site because it is laugh out loud funny. That may add another 3 readers to you site, ha/ha! 4, if my mom joins the fun. 🙂

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