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Uncle Sam’s Favorite Day

I am a freak of nature. Or so I’ve been told. I have music and writing abilities that lean more toward the creative side and then I am highly organized and love me an Excel spreadsheet.  I have a packing list that I print out before each trip and check it off to make sure I have everything.  And I start preparing at least three days before I leave.  A week before if it’s a big family trip. What?  You don’t do that? Anyway. So, today is April 15th and it’s the day in the United States where people have to mail in their income tax filings for the previous year.  Many have already received their refunds because they were on the ball. What about you? Do you file your taxes the moment you get your W-2 or do you find yourself running to the local post office to get your envelope post marked before the clock strikes midnight? Do share.

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  1. How about sharing your packing lists? I have NO idea where to start for an overseas trip coming up – just asking…

  2. I’m so thankful that I have a husband that has a good job and takes care of “gathering” and “record-keeping” for our year. I did not even realize it was April 15 until last night. He is not stressed and is calm…and remember he just recently added us (as a group of 5 to his one!)
    He has turned in our info and our refund has been received.
    Did I mention that I love this man? I am blessed!

  3. The second I get my W-2, of course. Since it’s actually my money and on loan to the government, I like to get it back quickly before they mismanage it further.

    And I’ve got me that same packing list. Who doesn’t?! 🙂 The goal of making it was so that I could be out of the house in no time flat with it but still I prepare days ahead of time as well. We’re soul sisters, I tell ya (minus that wee little part about singing and music. The song fairy skipped over me in the hospital nursery.)

    Love to you…

  4. I love my lists – my packing/camping list is one of my favorites 🙂

    However, I do get to enjoy April 15th as the Hubs takes care of this….. In fact, last night on the news when they mentioned the date and what was tomorrow, I turned and asked about ours for the first time. God bless accountants and husbands who take care of such things!!

  5. We file somewhere in the middle – usually end of February to Mid-March. This year we got a big refund (Praise Jesus!) so I wish we had filed earlier. LOL

  6. My husband files as soon as he has all the required paperwork. Unfortunately I don’t even know what that paperwork consists of. I need to learn, but in the meantime I have new appliances. 🙂

  7. Since hubby is a CPA/CFO, taxes are electronically filed the moment he has the last piece of paperwork required. However, he starts figuring them (loosely) in July to adjust withholdings…. He is the organized one (and that’s an understatement – the man files maps and brochures we pick up at travel rest stops!).

    Even though I”m not the organized one, I’m the one who plans our trips, start to finish. I also have packing lists (yes, on Excel) for the different types of trips – camping, weekend, driving vacay, and cruises. Go figure…..

  8. I’m like you Cindy. However, my husband on the other hand… procrastinates to the point of filing an extension. Then, he procrastinates to the 11th hour on the extension deadline. Last year our taxes weren’t done until August… yes, I said August. If it were up to me… they would’ve been done the moment every piece of paper we received for taxes had arrived.

  9. As a single woman, I ALWAYS filed by the end of February…. This year, as a married woman, my husband expected us to owe and we didn’t do our taxes until this past weekend. Surprisingly enough, we are getting something back, so that’s pretty great!

  10. My husband does our taxes the minute we have everything. We have a our refund go directly to our savings. We usually don’t touch the money at all, but this year we have to pay for our foundation repair…so bye bye refund, see ya next year!

    I also have spreadsheets for just about everything! I am already itching to plan meal/packing lists for a LifeGroup trip in August

  11. I just filed our tax return this morning. I finished it on Sunday but wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I used to be organized and on top of our finances but the last several years of health problems, marraige problems, etc, have taken their toll on me, I guess.

    Those of you who have spouses who take care of the finances should be sure to thank them and let them know you appreciate their efforts.

  12. My husband’s job is handling other people’s finances and prepare them for retirement so I handle every aspect of our finances at home and it’s a big job. We are self employed so I hang onto every receipt, every payroll check copy to his assistant, and every penny of commission put in our account year around. When tax time comes we drive 200 miles to spend a saturday afternoon with our amazing accountant, Jenny, who might as well be family now! When we were there last month, my husband was sitting there bored while Jenny and I were entering everything in to e-file and he simply asked, “Why am I here, I could be on the golf course?” I think he just got out of filing taxes for good and it’s really all on me now!

  13. My husband takes care of it usually. It’s a nice gift he gives me. 🙂 I’m thinking I should thank him for this. It really is stressful. I think people are only quick about doing their taxes if they are getting money back. 🙂 That’s a huge incentive to work fast.

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