Two Davids And A Syesha

How…can I say thanks….for the time all of you have spent with me this American Idol season. It has been so much fun. With three contestants left, I will only blog about American Idol ONE MORE TIME after this post. Wipe the tears. Let’s get started. Judges’ Choice David A. And So It Goes – Beautiful acapella. Not everyone can sing Acapella, or as we choral people like to call it, Acapulco. Yes, I’m giggling a tad as I reminisce about my days in the choir. Little David has done a tremendous job on this song. Paula did a great job choosing this song. Syesha If I Ain’t Got You – WHAT….A….DRESS. Glory. She’s gorgeous and has a stunning voice. Got me some goose bumps, y’all. Got me some goose bumps. Chris Beall got goose bumps and she’s never given him goose bumps. David C. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Dang. The boy can even sing Roberta Flack. Hello. And look. His momma is standing up in the crowd. She’s so proud of her baby boy. Holy cow. What a note at the end. More goose bumps, more goose bumps, we have more goose bumps, people. And even a teary eye from the Mr. in the house. Contestant’s Choice David A. With You – He did a nice job and sounded really good. But he is definitely a ballad guy and will give give Josh Groban a run for his money one day. Syesha Fever – She sang well, but it was just ah’ight for me. However, methinks that Ricky Minor likes Syesha. Who wouldn’t. Look at those legs. She’s prih-tee sexy. (And I mean that in the most heterosexual way possible.) VERY nice ending to the song. Beautiful note. David C. Dare You To Move – First of all, the song choice is AWESOME. Now about the singing…it was great until he hit the chorus. He went up and stayed up and got a little pitchy. It wasn’t his best by any means. Producer’s Choice David A. Longer – Now Dan Fogelberg knew what he was doing when he wrote this song. The lyrics are just so sweet. David is doing a nice job because it is, after all, a ballad. And we know that David and the ballads are good friends. Pretty, pretty note at the end. Just loverly. Chasing Rabbit #1 – Simon didn’t like the lyrics of the above song. I’d expect that. They are ooey and gooey and romantic and not to judge, but I think that Simon may not have experienced anything like this before. I’m just sayin’. Syesha Hit Me Up – She is cute and did an okay job. It seemed a little tough for her to sing since it’s such a fast song. She just didn’t seem like she was in her element with that song. David C. Don’t Wanna Close My Eyes – Oh my gosh! Y’all know I just blogged about this song this week. I’m getting all sappy thinking about the Hubby right now. Okay, back to David. Wow. I love the strings behind him. Nice touch. Okay, here comes the chorus. He’s building. Get ready. Here we go…………….I don’t wanna close my eyes, don’t wanna fall asleep cuz I’d miss ya baby, and I don’t wanna miss a thang. Ahh… And I’m singin’ right with him. uh-MAY-zing. Period. End of story. That’s all she wrote. And scene. The Beall’s predict that the finale will be…

David and David


The David’s


David X 2

16 thoughts on “Two Davids And A Syesha”

  1. That was the first thing I thought too!!! Yes, love that David Cook….and he seemed a little more humble tonight. I know, I know…its a SINGING compitition, not a contest of character. I just have a hard time paying money to listen to really arrogant rockstars. Do I sound bitter? Im really not. 🙂

    I enjoy LISTENING to David Arch. but watching him? He makes me fidgety…too cheesy.

    Syesha did great vocally, but her performances? She seems to be having a hard time knowing who she is. She’ll figure it out though and when she does she will be great!

    Mr. Cook will finish this race and when he does I REALLY wish they will let him do Billy Jean again!

  2. I feel like I am cheating. It hasn’t even started here yet. I really tried to stop myself from reading but I just couldn’t! I am sure that I will agree with every word the AI Gurus say….I will let you know later….Thanks for the sneak peak. Oh and yes I do look online ahead of time to see who gets vote off of dancing with the stars. I really try to be good and watch AI. 🙂

  3. I am developing quite a fondness for that David Cook fella. I actually loved his “First TIme Ever I Saw Your Face” number. I think I teared up too – but I’m not sure why.

  4. We called it Aculpulco, too…down here in south Georgia.

    My girls really like Syesha best…and the dh liked her best tonight, surprisingly. He was also disappointed in David’s switchfoot attempt. BUT, I’ll be downloading DC’s other two songs.

    Blessings, Jeannie

  5. Yep, we will FINALLY be down to the two David’s. And you might just be right about Simon and the “chasing rabbit” thing.

  6. OK not to hijack this post…but do you guys watch ‘Can You Duet’ on CMT?

    I’ve been watching it quite a bit…I like the shows (and Amy Mayo definitely makes me wanna watch it more! 🙂 )

  7. I miss Jason and his darling smile!!

    but I am voting for David Cook…he is great. I really miss Jason…ooppss, I said that already!!

  8. What a weird night on AI for me. Just strange.

    I hope Cook takes it though. He is a fantastic talent!

    I have to stay away from blogs and twitter when AI is on cuz im on the West Coast.

    But I agree with your summation. totally!

  9. So funny! I was thinking the exact same thing about Ricky Minor. It’s been a while since they’ve had a girl on there as pretty as Syesha, so it just stands to reason.
    Great review, again! 🙂

  10. YOu kill me about Ricky Miner and Syesha. TOo funny!
    Glad at least one other person out there is a Syesha fan.

  11. Really? David A as good as Josh Groban? Josh is my man. I am the lone american who hasn’t really “bonded” with David A. He’s cute and everything but I don’t know if I would listen to him. But, thats just my opinion 🙂

  12. I couldn’t help but think of you last night when David C. sang your song! And, “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” was sang at my mom and dad’s wedding, so I thought of them. It was all “loverly”.

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