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First of all let me start out with a disclaimer:

Cindy Beall explaining The Twitter is like hearing a coherent thought on American Idol from Paul Abdul. And no, it’s not called The Twitter, but I call it The Twitter.  Because I’m fun. So there. Moving on. The Twitter is a free social messaging utility to help you stay connected in real-time.  However, your “updates” must be less than 140 characters.  And that can be tough especially if one is long-winded.  Ahem. Go to The Twitter website and sign up for an account.  Your name can be whatever you want, but it will have an @ sign in front of it.  My name is @cindybeall.  You could be @johnsmith or @goodlookinmomma or @nevershavingmylegsagain. You get the picture.  Your call. When on The Twitter, you can “follow” people and they can “follow” you.  Some people follow people they don’t know and some follow only people they know.  Some people have thousands of followers and some have less than a hundred.  You get their updates and know exactly what they are doing at any given point in the day. Why would you want to know that information on a 24/7 basis? I have absolutely no idea. However comma it is really fun when you already know what is going on in your friend’s worlds before you even talk to them. Especially if you don’t like to talk on the phone like me. Like Brandi (@brandiandboys) in Nashville knew about our tornadoes back in February because Natalie (@nataliewitcher) and I (@cindybeall) were twittering meteorologists.  Or I can find out that Dusty’s (@dustytakle) kid is sick or that there is a new version of some software from Terry (@terrystorch) or that Bobby (@bobbygwald) just returned from one of his many travels or that Scott (@scottwilliams) is taking his sons to get their Friday haircuts. I happen to stalk follow friends who don’t live near like @sarahmarkley, @cmarkley, @kyndalbraly, @boomama, @jimmyk7, @theresa162, @runningmama26, @tobenheim, @mandythompson, @brettbraly, @donheller, @brandolynicole, @luckyred, @cassgirl, @briankruck, and @ginakruck so that I can keep tabs on them like Big Brother.  There are also plenty of friends I follow who live in my very own town like @clinch1, @ahyden, @abbiz, @bpaludan, @marcypriest, @scottrodgers, @princessjes and many more. My BS girls (@deleise, @dustytakle, @nataliewitcher, @jenwined, @jannagoodwin, @manymeadows, @robinstorch, @nicole_knox, @k_heinecke, @mrscdonaldson) and I all follow each other and comment back to each other with an @ reply or a DM (direct message.)  You can actually have those messages sent to your very own cell phone.  And if you set it up just right, you can be dinged ALL FREAKIN’ DAY LONG!  (Pardon me.) (The Twitter, it excites me.) See the pure entertainment that goes on in Twitterworld? If you want to follow me, that’ll be fine.  I try to keep you as entertained as possible.  If you follow me and don’t hear from me for a day or two, just know that nothing absolutely extraordinary is going on in my life.  But, should I go to the grocery store, you’ll be the first to know about it. Sincerely, @cindybeall P.S.  If you Twitter, what’s your name?  Would love to see who all is wasting their time being blessed by this social creation.

30 thoughts on “Twitter 101”

  1. I don’t twitter but I follow you and some others on your updates. I knew about the tornados so I called to check on my parents and my friends even though I live in Texas.

    This post was refreshing and fun. I wish I could explain that in a world of heavy topics and daily challenges some times it is sooooo encouraging to drink my morning cup o’ Joe and laugh out loud…almost loud enough to wake a sleeping child!
    Your humor this very morning blesses me and reminds me that God loves to laugh with us! thank you sweet friend.

    I hope your day is way good!

  2. @ChristianMomma
    I twitter, I enjoy it…even more so because I use the TweetDeck to update both twitter and Facebook at the same time (killing 2 birds with 1 stone, so to speak). I follow you and many others that I’ve met from AWI and friends I’ve met blogging…and a couple on message boards that I no longer visit!

  3. @rebeccagood

    I started twittering because of @scottwilliams and the rest of the NW OKC campus team. I love that at any moment one of the people I follow will make me laugh, smile, or even think. I get encouragement, entertainment, & pick me ups all day. I have found that I read more blogs now, because everyone posts their new blogs on twitter. (that’s how I found this posting). And, there is the added bonus of twitter updating my facebook, too!

    Happy Twittering!

  4. @mandythompson
    Are we supposed to put our twitter names here, even though you already stalk us like… like…
    (all I can think of is a stalk of corn. But that’s too corny.)

    I was thinking about twitter this morning, about how hard it is to have deep relationships that are limited by 140 characters. I know that the makers of twitter intended it to be a way that we could keep up with our IRL friends in -real-time, but it’s becoming a popularity contest in so many ways…
    Then I was also thinking about how people say twitter should be a networking tool… About how I’ve “met” a lot of really cool songwriters via twitter, but I don’t think they’d know me from Eve if they ran into me, so do they really know me?

    Oh The Twitter, I confess, I have a love hate relationship…

  5. @lostinlaundry

    There are some useful things you can do with twitter too! You can search for “hashtags” and find twitter posts on certain topics.

    There is a #youversion hashtag for all things youversion.com. (I got some help with a youversion question via The Twitter.)

    There is a #kinmin hashtag for all things related to Children’s Ministry. Those are the two I use, but there are tons of others as well!

    I also like the program Tweetdeck. Organize groups of friends, perform searches, and simultaneously post to twitter and facebook.

  6. Not twittering, but maybe I should…or not. Meh. I haven’t even been on facebook for two weeks. I’d rather play with my baby-girl. She’ll be four months old next week! I can’t believe it! It’s going by too fast.

    Going to either WW or OA meeting today, if I don’t chicken out. Thanks for the videos last week. I’ll likely be watching them again soon.

  7. thanks for the link love… that’s what i love about twitter, it allows me to engage in the daily life of friends (both real and cyber!)


  8. Hi Cindy, I stalk/follow you on twitter and read your blogs, and you keep me entertained! I loved your trip to DC! You can do the same to me, @hilarysurratt I’ll try to entertain you as much as you do me!

  9. Put me in a corner by myself, cuz I don’t get it. I have a couple of people pestering me to get on facebook, but I’m just not that interested……

  10. And just think….WE had to beg you to join The Twitter!! I am so happy that The Scotts tag teamed you!!!

    BTW…Craig and I were heading to The Sonic last night and I asked if we need to do any shopping at Walmart and he said, Honey, it isn’t Walmart it is “THE Walmarts”. I almost wreaked the car laughing.

    All Y’All in OK have created a new man in my Husband. LOL

  11. well I follow Your twitter & a couple of Celebs..(can’t help it) for some reason my phone won’t allow me to sign up for twitter however next month will be a new story..hoping Blackberry Curve will let me twitter 🙂

  12. @mitack
    I don’t use it so much to direct message or chat– more to follow interesting people and organizations. It’s how I mainly hear about breaking news. I do like it updating Facebook too w/ the FB Twitter app. I hope it’s not just me, I’ve had a lot of random weird people start following me out of nowhere, and when I check their profile, Twitter almost always says their account has been suspended for “suspicious activity”.

  13. @nicfit75
    Thanks for the laugh. I look forward to invading your privacy more on the Twitter.

  14. @sarahmarkley
    thanks for stalking =)

    um, I think i have to agree with mandy. love hate here too. and i go in spurts of just watching the stream and then jumping in with both feet and getting my hair wet. to be honest, it depends on how bored i am or how much free time i have too. when i’m busy, the stream goes by me all day and i barely participate.

    but i do love it for all the obvious reasons – i get to find out when your boys are riding dirtbikes in the back yard. =)

  15. I waffle back and forth between thinking Twitter is cool or just weird. But, my high-schooler Twitters via text while at school and I love hearing what he’s doing and thinking throughout the day.

  16. That made me laugh out loud. I love me some Twitter. Why have three real friends when you can have a hundred you can’t even get coffee with? Its like the *Wal-Mart* of friendship.

    However, I am a fully devoted follower of The Twitter. Without it I would not be an adjunct member of your BS group and that is unacceptable. (My house might be clean, but whatevs.)

  17. I joined Twitter about a few weeks ago for a one-week trial. I couldn’t figure out the point so I just dove in to experience Twitterdom myself.


    It’s interesting. I’m following a CEO, several authors, a literary agent, my daughter in law and you, among others. I like how I can participate as much or as little as I desire…no-strings hob-nobbing. But I still think it’s odd to be followed by someone I don’t know. Delightful, but odd.

    And for the life, I can’t figure out the point of following 8,000 people. It’s ludicrous. I can’t read that fast. So I’m keeping it small; I don’t automatically follow those who follow me…probably a huge twitter faux pas.

    The best thing about Twitter is an up close and personal glimpse of people from whom I wish to learn. It’s a free education. Sort of.

  18. @mrscchowds

    I follow you, so you probably already know mine. Twitter is fun but annoying when people follow you if you have no clue who they are. Wait. You probably get that a lot. lol

  19. You know I just love it that you said “freakin'”. And, I’ll follow @cindybeall to the ends of the earth.

  20. LOL! Yes we will be going to the barbershop tomorrow. It really jacks the entire weekend up when we miss our weekle scheduled grooming time!

    #FistBump to ya’ Nice Twerspective!

  21. I love “THE” Twitter!! What’s even better is that as a person who works on a church Communications team, I get to explore the options of adding TWITTER to my very own job description!! 🙂 You gotta be relevant in the way your church communicates!! Right?? 🙂

    Much love. @thatangiegirl

  22. #debbout

    I love Twitter, much better than Facebook. I started my account with a LifeWay study and then started following our CEO, I’ve been following you and Natalie for a while now. You guys crack me up. I also follow authors and other Christian moms. Makes life in a little cubical much bigger during the day.

  23. @brookjames

    Thanks for taking the time to explain The Twitter for all those that haven’t figured it out. Now when I have someone that has questions, I can just send them here!

    Oh, and I am really glad that @karakaejames didn’t think to name herself @nevershavingmylegsagain! That would be bad!

  24. So I did it I treated myself to a Bberry Curve & now I’m officially on The Twitter @baseball_16

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