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  1. I am a salt girl. That would be my trigger food.

    When I started WW I thought that the food I would miss the most was French Fries. Strangely enough I miss cheese more then anything else.

    I love veggies and don’t eat much fruit. Most dinners for me are a plate of cut up veggies, Carrot, cucumber, red bell pepper, celery and then a big bowl of summer squash or broccoli with a lean protien meat.

    You look great. I think you should always video blog. I love getting some Cindy time!

  2. k, i love that you are blogging and testifying on video about this! “exposure” says chris beall, is one of the keys to not going back to it 🙂

  3. Good stuff here, Cindy. Thanks once again. I had lost a lot with WW years ago. Life happened and I gained it all back. I’ve been lacking the ‘oomph’ to get going again. Your words are motivating. I don’t think I ever delt with the root of my over-eating. And that is key to lifelong sucess…

  4. cindy, thank you! this is what i have needed this week after re-joining WW last week! it does work for me if i work the plan! i have discovered the root but don’t know what to do with that now…will you touch on how to keep the root squelched?! …the spiritual aspect of all this?! again, “being with you” every morning this week has been a joy!

  5. My trigger is processed carbs. I’m fine with fruit and veggie carbs. Even those in FF milk. So I talked to my WW leader (even sent her a link to this) a few weeks ago and modified my plan. I’m doign the points thing, but also counting carbs. I don’t count them for fruits and veggies – let’s face it – I didnt gain weight by eating those! I do count the ones from milk, but I keep my daily carb count under 60 each day. And I think it’s finally working!

  6. Thank you. I’m “ouch”-ing a bit over here. I am not ready yet. Because for me its all food. Every time I take a bite of anything I feel put over the edge. Its sad to admit that. But its true.

  7. I could not love you any more Cindy Beall!!! You are a good writer AND a good speaker. Thank you for your influence. You inspire me with your selfelssness (no sweets? Yikes!) and dedication.

  8. I was introduced to your site today by a friend through a devotional about Peter. I am encouraged by Peter. He gives me hope in my failures. My comment is about Trigger Foods. I am 72, widowed for 3 years and carry about 30 lbs. too much weight. Living alone and cooking or buying just enough for one to curtail the temptation to over eat is a real problem. Then spending so much time alone, reading, and studying God’s Word adds to the desire to snack. Though I keep very little in the way of sugar saturated foods (mostly fruit) it is still difficult. Maybe you can help a person who has nervous energy and snack out of boredom or just nothing to do with the hands. I play golf 2X’s a week and walk 3 miles 2-3 times a week briskly, I still don’t burn enough calories apparently.

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