Today…It’s All I Have

Today marks the last day of my 38th year on this earth.  But, for all intents and purposes, it could very well be my last day on earth as well. No, I’m not prophesying anything.  Just being realistic. Because that’s the way I roll. I mean, we never know when our time is up on this earth.  Could be today or next year or in 2054.  We could die in a car accident, climbing Mt. Everest (as if), or from a disease that has ransacked our body. But one thing is for certain in my life:  I am determined to die without regrets. That’s hard to do,  I think.  It takes a whole heckuva lot of mental stamina to pull off such a feat, but I am willing, desperately hoping that I fulfill that desire, that goal of mine. I do this by being incredibly intentional with those I love the most. I do this by asking God for moments that will change others lives. I do this by realizing that my life is not my own; that Christ bought it with his own breath. Because last time I checked, it’s not about me. Live on purpose. Start today.

4 thoughts on “Today…It’s All I Have”

  1. That is awesome….Sorry maybe I’m being a little slow, but do you have a birthday coming up? If so happy birthday to you and me!!!

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