To Tithe Or Not To Tithe

My husband and I are firm believers in tithing – giving 10% of our gross income to our church. In fact, we get pretty excited about it. We look forward to increasing our tithe each year. And after reading The Blessed Life by Robert Morris, we look and pray for opportunities to give above our tithe to others in need. It’s just flat out fun to us Bealls. Call us crazy. Several years back our finances were pretty tough. Tough might not be an accurate word to use to define our financial stability, or instability at the time. However, no matter how difficult times have gotten, we’ve always tithed. We know that withholding our tithe from God is basically robbing him and telling Him we didn’t trust Him. (See Malachi 3:8). So, one July morning in 2002 at church I wrote out our tithe check for the month. I held the check in my hand and just stared at it as the bucket made it’s way toward our aisle. Chris held my hand and I simply prayed, “God, this amount of money could buy us groceries for most of the month. But, it’s yours and I want you to know that we trust you.” I went about the rest of the day not giving any thought to the prayer I prayed. The next day it was raining but I needed to run an errand. I left our house and ended up going down a different street – not the one I typically drive down. As I was driving, I noticed something in the road that looked an awful lot like money. And as surely as I passed it, I realized that it was. I heard a voice in my mind say, “Turn around.” Reluctantly, I did. I approached the wad of money and carefully bent down to pick it up. It was soaking wet, but it was still money. I looked all around me just expecting someone to say, “Hey, I just dropped that.” Nothing. I got in my car, drove back home and walked through the door with a lump of wet bills in my hands. The look on my husband’s face was priceless. (I think he thought I robbed someone.) With stunned looks on our faces, we counted $520 in cold, hard cash…nearly two times the amount of the tithe check I’d written the day before. Coincidence? Whatever. My God’s big and He can do anything He wants to. And if He wants to show his baby girl, that would be me, that he can provide in the middle of a street on a rainy, Monday afternoon, then by golly, I think He will. Malachi 3:10 is the only place in the Bible where God actually tells His people to test Him. He says, “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.” The floodgates opened for our family that rainy, July afternoon. What’s holding them back from opening up to you?

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  2. Thanks for sharing this story Cindy.

    Truthfully, I have struggled with the idea of 10%. And for me, I think it comes down to this “Why am I giving the money?” If it is because I think 10% is a law that I’ve got to follow to get God’s approval, then I’m wasting my time. But, if I give because I see it as a way to offer myself and possessions to Jesus in love and worship . . . then it’s all good . . .

  3. Oh wow.

    I ask you, who is like our God and who compares to Him?

    It was the same book that you read that made me realize one true thing: If God is my Provider, then all that I have is His. If He asks for firstfruits, essentially, He is asking for His own stuff back. My response is, “Here ya go, God.”

    If He wants me to give any type resources to somebody else, then He is not asking for me to give but rather, He is asking me to deliver His stuff for Him. My response, “How do you want that delivered, boss?”.

  4. Let me clarify something that Tim brought up above…Chris and I did report it to the police the day it happened. They basically told us that if no one called in claiming it, it was ours. After a little had lapsed and no one claimed it, we knew it was ours by the hand of God. We really knew it from the start but we thought that we’d cover our bases in case this question was ever asked.

  5. You know I just wrote about this in one of my posts recently. My husband and I have tithed off and on at times but never 10%. We had just made the committment that starting in 2008 we would tithe our 10% when we were blessed beyond measure. If you are curious about it the story on my blog is titled Our Christmas miracle.

    I just put a big check in the offering bucket yesterday for the first time ever and let me tell you it felt amazing!!!!!!

  6. God is so GOOD!!! I love hearing that story. He is so much bigger then money. He even blessed us with a new van this past year when we had 0.07 in our checking account!!!

  7. I remember the financial ruin I was in when I became a Christian. I didn’t even know what tithing was. Our senior pastor gave a talk on tithing one Sunday. I didn’t even know how I was going to buy groceries the following week but I decided to trust and I did test Him. He came through. I’ve never looked back and my groceries always fill the cupboards and fridge. So, now, I’ve chosen some select ministeries on top of that that I make regular offerings to. Tithing is the most fiscally responsible thing I’ve ever done. Imagine if we all tithed, who would be left hungry or cold or without a place to lay their heads?

  8. There were many times last year that we did not have grocery money or were eating hot dogs but with the exception of a few weeks in the fall (which God fixed because when we recommited to the tithe after a few weeks off I made a mistake for several weeks by doubling the tithe until my husband discovered my mistake) we have tithed ever since the time we started to.

    This Christmas saying we have been extremely blessed is an understatement. And we have also been given groceries when we did not have money to buy any. It is really hard to accept these blessings but I think God is using it to do some healing in our family.

    Another important thing for my husband and I is that if we cannot trust God with money than how can we trust him with more important things.

  9. Cindy,
    Thank you for posting this topic! It was so appropriate! I was deeply blessed by it.

    On another note, thanks for stopping by today and checking out my menu! They are all kid friendly, if those children love spicy or simple foods. I would love to open our door to you! Take care! Keep up the GREAT posts!! My heart has been so encouraged since finding your blog!

  10. I fall more into step with Joe…

    We give above and beyond our means most of the time. More than 10 percent…and God always takes care of us. We give thru our relationship with Him…and try to let Him lead us month by month. Sometimes to Life Church…sometimes to THE FIXX…LOTS of times to people who are in need. We come across so many. We try to do everything thru our relationship with HIm… When we have our coffee we can talk more about it 🙂 So hard to explain thru typing 🙂 Thanks for bringing this up!

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