Time To Weed

I spent a good hour and a half pulling weeds from our front garden Saturday. I have the sunburn and dirt under my short, unfeminine fingernails to prove it. These weeds were the delicate kind where you had to pull very slowly. Yet, at the same exact time, their strength impressed me at how these fragile, undesired growths could manage to push their way through inches of dirt and mulch. uh-MAY-zing. As I pulled each weed I got a little more frustrated because I had waited so long in between my “weeding” days. Which means that there ware more to pull. Make no mistake about it…I love to garden. Chris and I both love to garden. There are few things more pleasing to Chris and me than designing a landscaping scene, putting the plants and trees in and watching those babies grow. Hydrangeas, Begonias, Petunias, Drycenas, Indian Hawthornes, Japanese Maples…you name it, we love it. But weeding? Not so much. However, it’s an incredibly necessary task if you’d like your garden to look nice. My goal is to weed regularly…maybe even every day. When I am disciplined enough to do this, it doesn’t take long to pluck those suckers because there are so few of them. However, when I go a few days or even a week, the job is a bit overwhelming. I spend hours backtracking what I should have been doing on a daily basis. (Here comes my feeble attempt to transition into discussing how this applies to our walks with Christ.) I always shoot straight here with you on my blog. I speak the truth, and it would be a crime to stop now. One of the reasons I found myself frustrated Saturday is because my garden reminded me of my personal walk with Christ. During the last few months, I can probably count the times on both hands where I’ve spent dedicated time in the Word of God. That’s not adequate, in my opinion, considering His words are supposed to be my lifeline while living on this earth. But like a physical garden is bombarded with weeds when it’s neglected, so goes our spiritual lives. When we don’t regularly “weed” in our lives, we start seeing signs of bitterness and resentment. Weeds like pride and lukewarmness and idol worship. Sometimes we see just a plain ole bad attitude emerging. But mostly for me? I just start blending in with the world. To have beauty…the beauty of Christ…exhibited in our lives take a lot of nurturing. Nurturing in the form of singing praises, quiet moments sitting before the Savior listening intently, bringing glory to Him regardless of our circumstances, sharing the love of Christ with others in practical ways, and reading and meditating on His precious Word, to name a few. I’ve let the weeds build up and almost choke the life out of me recently. My joy isn’t gone completely but when I look for any semblance of it in my life, I’m hard-pressed to recognize it. And quite frankly, I have no one to blame but me. So, this summer while my boys are out of school and there are no homework assignments to check or lunches to make before carpool or other school activities that beckon my attention, I’m going to lay low. I’m basically going to get back to what’s most important. Jesus. And family. Oh, a some blogging, too 🙂 As my husband preached this past weekend at on worship, he said, “In response to who He is and what He’s done, we bring an offering. And we are the offering.” Lord, here I am.

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  1. i’ve had this conversation recently with someone i love…hard to pick grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles. and some just like to mow it down once a year and begin again.

    we often lose sight of how fragrant the garden is…i know adam did, and so did eve.

    i think we could all stand to remember that for something to be lovely and fragrant, we have to maintain it…we have to put our hand to it.

  2. i feel the same about gardening – i believe it is so close to our walk with Jesus – thanks for the post – God also showed me that the weeds that are hard to pull are like the wounds God is trying to heal, some are so hard to get out while other just come out very much easier. i just love it – Jesus and gardening

  3. And I love how when we weed the garden or flowerbeds we get this nice little suntan… just like when we weed our spiritual garden and we get a pretty little glow about us. Weed-a-way er’rybody!

  4. It just starts with the one weed, doesn’t it? Just one and we figure, ah – it’s just one – it can wait. What we’re really saying is He can wait. Beautiful post. Thanks, Cindy.

  5. thank you for sharing these thoughts! some of the very same things have been on my mind lately. when i realize that i’ve been overwhelmed with worry or fear, it’s because i never took the time to pull that weed in the first place … and then it becomes a bigger issue. and laying low sounds nice … sometimes we all just need to stop and take a breath. 🙂

  6. and i will come along and join you in getting back to our personal time with the Lord, in His Word. It is something I have neglected a bit too.

    Thanks for your honesty and the challenege.

    as iron sharpens iron….

  7. so good.

    i’ve noticed that in the past few days as well – i’m stressed a lot. that is ridiculous. the Prince of peace lives in me…grrr.

    that’s great that you garden. gardeners amaze me. my aunt is a master garderner and has a greenhouse. just last week i got a hanging plant and a potted plant (and some herbs) from her. i think i’ve already half killed them. i try not to. i dont know.

  8. Hey I got a wall to go around your garden. 🙂

    Just kidding. Thank you for your comment it does hit home and it does sound as if you really do know where my stuggle lays at the momment.

    In one of your past posts you painted a picture in my head that I carry with me. It helps me when I feel lost. You had stated that you crawled up into our Father’s lap and cried. I love that!

    And once again you tie it up all pretty without any weeds.

  9. Chris’ message was great this weekend. It’s funny how we prioritize our life and then put the the most important last. I do really good for awhile and then somehow I stop. I might look at my Bible every day & say I’ll get to it in a little awhile and then the day is gone. thanks for the message Cindy & Chris

  10. I think you brought these 2 things together nicely 🙂 I was going to add that sometimes I think I only have 1 or 2 “weeds” and then once I start pruning I find LOTS more! We will never be perfect but I think it’s good to be aware of our flaws and how much we need Jesus!

  11. I love analogies and this one is perfect. So many elements to it to think about. I have to go weed this week, as well….procrastinating (one of my hobbies) for a couple of weeks.

    Chris’ message was a blessing to Marke and I. We really heard God speaking thru him, and we thank God for both of you.

    Happy gardening!

  12. Hi Cindy. I am a friend of Andi Hawkins, and Mel Snare, and Andrea Schmid, and see your blog on their sites all the time. Thanks for speaking the truth on your blog. This post was very motivating for me. I have been in the process of trying to weed daily for the past few months, but the past week has been a little overwhelming and so the weeding stopped, in my yard and my heart. It’s amazing how fast those suckers grow back, in both places. When I am not connected to the Spirit on a daily basis, the fruits that He pours through me begin to wilt away. Anyways, thanks again for the encouragement. I plan to put the gloves on and get back to my weedin’.

  13. Great transparency Cindy.
    I believe in you Cindy! No matter how you feel, He will never leave you or forsake you. I love that I am a masterpiece even when I mess up everything!
    Great post!

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