Time Off Is Good, No?

Hello dear friends. Thanks for coming back to see me today.  June has been good to me.  Busy, but good. Some highlights of my month are as follows: 1.  Nursed my husband back to health the first week of June after he had his gallbladder removed.  He is doing SO good now and feels better than he has in years.  In fact, he keeps losing weight.  I’m considering having my gallbladder removed as well. 2.  My 11yo is becoming an amazing man of God.  He is growing in his faith and is really a true joy to be around.  I really don’t want him to go back to school in the fall. I’d love to home school him. 3.  My 6yo is another story.  God love that child.  He better change the world is all I’m sayin’.  Is it terrible to send one child to school while home schooling his older brother?  Yeah, I didn’t think so either. 4.  I adore my 6yo.  I really do. 5.  My stepson, who is almost 8, is visiting for several weeks and we just love his presence in our family.  Such a doll with a twang in his voice.  Gotta love the South. 6.  I’ve rested, worked and had a couple of speaking engagements this month. 7.  Planning to read some books now.  Plan B by Pete Wilson and The Christian Athiest by Craig Groeschel are on my list. I’d love to hear how your summer is going. Do share.

6 thoughts on “Time Off Is Good, No?”

  1. Welcome back! Your wisdom and insight were surely missed! Glad your summer has been great! Here’s what’s up with us:

    1. It’s been the hottest June on our record in Virginia…and we’ve had no AC. Been battling it out with the home warranty company for two months. A resolution in sight for next week, we hope. All this sweating and I haven’t lost a pound. Boo.

    2. Lots of great time with friends and family at weddings, baby showers, birthdays, etc. I seriously have the best people in my life.

    3. Freaking out a little (O.K., a lot) b/c I’ve accepted my first two speaking engagements to begin sharing our story. What have I done? Definitely need to talk to you about this.

    4. Have been getting to dig into some great books and loving them. Kelly Minter, Beth Moore, Oswald Chambers, etc. Good stuff.

    I think that’s it for now. Hugs to you…

  2. I have missed you!

    Glad that the Men in your life are all great!!!

    I started a new job. It was a complete God thing.

    My husband and I are in the best place ever. I realized that praying for him to lead the family was great but if I didn’t get out of the shoes….he couldn’t wear them. 🙂

    Ryan had knee surgery and is recuperating well.

    Hope turned 15.

    I have also decided to ignore the undiagnosed health issues that pop up whenever the summer comes.

    Oh and I have even blogged like 4 times in the last 5 weeks. LOL

    All in all it is a good start to the summer!

  3. I am so glad your back, and glad the time off was good for you.

    My husband and I just returned from a road trip, over 3000 miles and through 12 states. It was wonderful. We had so much fun together.

    This country is really awesome. To quote Lee Greenwood, “cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land, God Bless the USA”

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