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…because I’m going out on a limb here. This story is a LIH-tel edgy for me to share. If you are offended easily, you may not want to read any further. Sether Joe didn’t say a single word until he was almost 18 months old. Why? Seven ear infections in nine months. You do the math. Putting tubes in his ears corrected all of that and within a month, he had 10 words in his vocabulary! Building that vocabulary was difficult for him as he still had a hard time saying many words. But, we learned his language. One such word that he couldn’t say was truck. The word he said instead was f***. That’s right. My toddler was a cusser. He was fascinated, and still is, with fire trucks. But instead of calling them fire trucks, all we ever heard was, “Wook at dat fire f***! Oh, I wuv fire f***s!” This happened constantly…in the grocery store, at the park, AT CHURCH. Nice. Our life group had an AMAZING time with this and would even say, “Seth, say ‘look at that big trucker!'” And he would follow suit by using his own language and they’d all laugh their heads off. Present company included. Several weeks back Seth and I were in the car and here came another fire truck. I was so desensitized to his “cussing” that when he exclaimed, “Wook at dat fire truck!” a little sadness came over me. Our life group was equally disappointed. The fire f*** days were over. Yes, we are sick. But we have some great fella-she-up. Did I mention I’m up for Mother of the Year award? I’m a shoe in.

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  1. That is hilarious! It reminds me of a you tube video I saw once of a little girl saying that she was going to kick a monster’s ask. Why is it so funny to hear little kids cuss?

  2. Kids are great aren’t they?
    My husband and I were just talking about something kinda like that. When my son Devyn was in the first grade he started taking spelling test and I have since saved two of his. I have kept one that his #2 spelled sh-t…. I blieve it was suppose to spell ship. On another spelling test I noticed the word b–ch and it should have been bench. oop! I just love being a momma!

  3. Our first born used to pronounce it the same way. He is 15 now and his language is cleaner than clean. However at the time we were freaking out.

    Kids are so precious.

  4. I remember cherishing the cute language oddities of my boys when they were tots. I think back now and chuckle at how endearing these little “faux pas” were but what comes to mind next is always how I tried to correct them all the time. One thing I never changed (it was cleaner than some of the other things) was “Mommy, I’m down in the lumps.” We still call it the lumps instead of the dumps. With God’s blessing, I’ll eventually be a grandma and I’ll get to cherish these things again. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I used to take care of a little boy that did the same thing with the word truck! We laughed too so your not the only sick one! LOL!!!

  6. Cindy, we have never met personally, but I have had the privilege of interacting with your husband before at LC.tv, and I have absolutely loved reading about it.

    My dad has an incredibly similar story, and the impact on my mom has been tremendous. Its been really great for me as a kid who went through all of this with them to read this as well, and see the miraculous healing power of God work so strongly. Its amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I think that’s awesome! I can’t wait for Kenadie to get to that point. I’m sure that if I had been in your lifegroup I would have been right there with them. I can’t imagine what that is like at the grocery store, restaurant, or church. I don’t think I am ready for that.

  8. So funny! I have a little funny….our daughter was seven and had been riding the bus to school here in Edmond for a few days. In Texas, they had been in a private Christian school and I was so upset we could not afford for them to attend one here or that I could not stay home and homeschool.

    Anyway, One night at dinner as we were asking how their day went and she piped up and said, “Someone on the bus said the “f” word today.” We all stopped what we were doing and I was trying to ascertain how I would handle this and calmly questioned her about it. Her Daddy then asked her to whisper the word to him. He then began to smile. He said, “Tell Mommy and the boys the word, it is okay” She then spelled it out…the anticipation was killing me and I was nervous about her saying it and then I hear….F.A.R.T.!! The entire table erupted in laughter and I felt a sudden relief that it was only that word. Of course you can only imagine how a table full of boys reacted to that one!!

    Kids can be so funny. I read your post to my husband and he laughed so hard.

  9. When Micah was about that age he said Fock instead of Sock. He would always try to pull his socks off and he would say over and over until I finally took them off as he was pulling on them…”Fock off mommy…Fock off.” Jerome and I made him say it over and over while dying laughing…and recording him with the cam corder! Talk about bad parents!

    Micah said the S word at church one time…that is a funny story…I will tell you on our play date! 🙂

  10. Hey— thanks for popping over to my site to ask a question. I looked over your blog and think you have a great handle on the mechanics of writing and a gift for connection.

    I’ll be posting answers this week.

    What is your book title and what is the subject matter?

  11. My youngest sister (11 years younger than me) had a stick pony. Only when she said “stick” she said ‘d’ instead of ‘st’. THAT was cause for much inappropriate laughter between my other sister and I…ahh, the innocence of a child…and how we adults get perverse joy out of it sometimes. 🙂

  12. This just made me laugh out loud!!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face!!! I am glad though that he can say it properly now…gotta love kids and the “things” that come out of their mouth..hee hee!

  13. My husband did the same thing! In fact, his family taped it on their 30mm camera and played over and over again for friends. Now we have it on a DVD because they transposed all of their reel to reels onto DVD’s. We still laugh at it…we are SICK too! But…if our children (young adults) would use that term…we would NOT be happy!!! Oh well…at least we can laugh! 🙂

  14. Found you at Lysa’s blog and wanted to tell you this brought back memories!! My oldest also went through an extended love affair with trucks– instead of saying “big truck” he used to say “butt tuck” he also developed a fascination with our next door neighbor because he drove a big truck, which caused some raised eyebrows as my husband wondered how my son was so familiar with this man– and asked me if I was SURE there was nothing I needed to tell him! Oh, I tell you these kids of ours always keep us on our toes, don’t they??
    Thanks for the laugh!!

  15. Well our oldest boy’s favorite toy was Woody (the cowboy from Pixars Toy Story). We spent too much time dying laughing as he would say things like: “Where is my Woody,” Look at my Woody,” and “I love my Woody.” Yeah, good times I will get to share with him when he gets older :).

  16. kids… good thing they provide so much entertainment ;). i took mine to tom thumb (around the fourth of july) when they were 4 & 2 and was blessed to endure this… son4 yelling, “i wuv women!!” i love lemon. and not to be out yelled, daughter2, screaming, “wook, mommy, a fag, a fag!” a flag. oh, so proud.

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