Those Side Thingies


What in the world was I thinking? Sometimes I astound myself at the shenanigans that I come up with. After spending 20 minutes on our elliptical yesterday, I decided to do some other exercises like I normally do. Some push-ups. And ab stuff. Throw in some arm stuff. Oooo, why not some side thingie stuff?! (I think they are technically called obliques.) I decided to work on those love handles that have made my sides their TEMPORARY residence (I speak that in faith) for the last several years. So, there I was, just turning my body side to side, kinda like the twist, and thinking, “Pashaw. I’m going to have a six pack in no time.” Because of the ease of this exercise I decide to add to my future misery by doing this little move where I touch the side of each calf muscle and crunch the OBLIQUE with each move. Seemed like a good idea. I felt quite certain that those side thingies would be gone by the morning. Webster does not have the word to describe the amount of pain I’m experiencing this morning. Dear sweet Lord baby Jesus, it hurts. I can barely do anything today. Holy freakin’ cow! (And I mean freakin’ in the most Jesus-like way possible) I’m simply sitting in my office chair right now and the only things that are moving are my fingertips. And the pain I’m experiencing would make a grown man cry. Yesireebobitwould. Note to self: Forget the side thingies. They add cushion for hugs.

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  1. Ha ha! I understand the feeling! But I’m sorry its past the ‘hurts so good’ point of working out. 🙂
    My husband has found these P90X workout videos that he really likes. They may actually be something we could do together but I’m not holding my breath. 🙂 Any hoo, we did the stretching one last night just for curiosity sake. One whole hour of stretching. I think I actually stretched every muscle in my body!
    Is it normal to be sore from stretching? Because I am!!

  2. That is hilarious! It’s been a long time since I felt anything like that . . . but I do believe I have experienced something akin to you side thingy misery! Hang in there! And don’t read anything funny!

  3. See? That is EXACTLY why I try to keep the exercise to a minimum right now. A person can get hurt! Play that forward…you get hurt, you can’t do all those things you described in the last post about raising boys. I’ve got 3 of them myself and believe-you-me we need all the energy and physical health we can get. (Wait, I guess THAT’s why we exercise in the first place, huh?) Hope the pain wears off soon!

  4. Yeah, Heinecke and I pretend to get in shape and crap out when we, as she calls them, gets dinosaur arms. You know, when you can’t lift them up to wash your hair and you look more like brontosaurus (sp?). Like the one on Meet The Robisons “I have a big head and little arms!”
    Worse than that, i did some tennis on a Wii and am sore!! Talk about needing to get in shape!

  5. You crack me up. Last year, one of my friends who works out all the time, decided to be my personal trainer. We did full body, cardio and weigh workouts three times a week. I was sore from head to toe. I’ve never been so sore in my life.

    They say the soreness is due to the amount of “sugars” in our muscles.

    Good news though, my semi-pro-personal trainer tells me that muscles have memory so if you have ever been in shape, you will get back to that point a little more quickly than it took you to get there in the first place.

    In the meantime, drink lots and lots of water and get a mesage.

  6. I found your blog via Anne Jackson, and I must say, I love it. You are such an inspiration to me. I started reading when you wrote about your husband. I found out last July that mine had been seeing someone else for the past 6 years(at Least). He was a pastor and she was his financial staff person. But what I want to say is how it helps me to read about someone who has lived through this and come out on the other side. Unfortunately my husband did not confess, he accidently sent an e-mail meant for her to one of our grown daughters. Everytime I feel there is no hope, I remember you and your husband! Thanks for being so open!

  7. Can I say I’m laughing with you? Or are you just not laughing. Because, I’m seriously laughing. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Keep it up. I’ll still have my side thingies this summer at the pool it it makes you feel any better. And thigh thingies, and arm thingies and stomach thingies…

  8. I restarted my kettlebell workouts and it hurts so good.

    Not as nearly as bad as yours. When I did the insert-every-other-single-type-of-mind-numbing-exercire-here, I would workout and find a way to push myself beyond the limit because the exercises were so easy. Then I hurt myself. Then I get frustrated.

    That is why I work out with kettlebells. It is never boring, it is challenging, I can feel it working, I won’t look like a musclehead doing it and it is FUN.

  9. Sweet, dear, precious, cute little baby Jesus… please heal my friend Cindy. In your cute little, manger-lying, swaddling clothes wearing, precious, I-could-just-kiss-you baby Jesus name, we pray. Amen

    Nothing like a heart felt prayer. Right? (Shake-n-Bake)

  10. Oh Cindy you crack me up! I’m sitting here trying not to wake my kids up i’m laughing so hard. You are truly entertaining!

    And by the way…..I know what your talking about but i’m wierd I guess because I like that pain!!

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