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…that the Lord has made! I’m rejoicing because I am finally going to get some help with the way I dress from one Mrs. Dusty Takle.  She’s pretty much become my wardrobe guide and personal designer.  Because y’all, I need the help oh so badly.  I am certain, though, that I am wearing her out.  If she didn’t look so darn cute all of the time, I wouldn’t be asking so it’s really her fault, you understand. What does she get out of it?  Not much.  ‘Cept lunch.  I’m buyin’ her lunch. I’m quite a gal, thankyousokindly. Question:  Are you a fashion diva or fashionably challenged?

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  1. Fashionably challenged is an understatement. What does jeans, a t-shirt and old raggedety sneakers make me?

  2. A diva in theory, challenged in practice. 🙂 I can tell you what I love. And I wear what I love. But I am challenged at walking into a store and figuring how to put all the things I love together. I love those darn mannequins. They’re a huge help. The same is true about my house. I can tell you things/colors/accessories I love. Can’t tell you where to put them or how to make them all work together. Alas, I’ve lived in my house almost three years and have hardly anything on the walls. I need to get me a Dusty Takle!

  3. You could never, EVER wear me out. I’m completely excited. I’ve even contacted my own wardrobe consultant for advice in taking Cindy Beall to the next level. Move over Rachel Zoe. Cindy Beall has arrived.

  4. I am fashionably challenged. I watch What Not to Wear all the time and try to pick up tips from them but when it comes to putting it in practice I still fail.

  5. Hmmm… well, I am definitely not a fashion diva, but I don’t consider myself fashionably challenged either. I know my style, which is traditional, conservative, with just a touch of sophistication, and I’m quite happy grounded in it. Some years it’s harder to find my style amidst what’s “in” style than others…but I always know it when I see it.

  6. My style? What style? I guess I need Dusty too (Can’t wait to see you in some of those cute animal print spikey heels like Mrs. Takle so elegantly wears!) 🙂

  7. Fashion diva but not always going with the latest trend. Cause sometimes the latest trend just doesn’t work on a woman unless she’s under the age of fourteen. Love the show “What Not to Wear” on The Learning Channel. Stacey and Clinton know their stuff!

  8. Man-oh-man am I jealous that you have found a cute person to dress you. I’m ever and always on the hunt for one of those.

  9. I’m a wannabe. But I think I got stuck in the grunge era. Sometimes I go out looking like Kurt Cobain. I really want to look cute though. And then there are my mommy clothes. I won’t discuss those. I try not to wear them at all.

  10. I’m finacially challenged…. there are so many cute things I’d love to have in my closet screaming -wear me! Along with the cute pair of Calf height black or brown boots… but, alas… the money tree has been cut back and isn’t growing so well these days…. : ) I have discovered though, I feel pretty good when I’m lookin’ good…. : ) I am more reminded of what a creation I am of God when I’m feeling so much better about my self.

  11. when I leave the house for something like going out with Jake or out with other people, DIVA. when I’m just running to the store or here at home, CHALLENGED.

    Time and place friend. Time and place. 😉

    Actually, to be honest, I really wish I was the kind of gal that got DRESSSED dressed everyday even if I had nowhere to go. I’m sure Jake would like it to….or he wouldn’t even notice. 😆 I just don’t see the sense in it, running after three kids under the age of 5 all day can wear a girl out. 😉

    LOVED your man’s tweet about you shopping for new clothes today. Made me smile. 😀 You MUST share with us when you get back. In the form of a fashion show of pictures please. 😉 heehee Me loves the clothes!

  12. I am definately challenged! I look at pictures of me many years ago and find that I am wearing my very best top….something that still looks great…but it’s 10 years old!!!!!!! I hate shopping…all my kids will tell you that…if you want to torture mom than just get her to take you shopping!

  13. Not sure my style would win any fashion awards mainly because I won’t wear it if it’s not comfortable! But that’s ok. Can’t wait to see your super cute new duds at the next BS.

  14. I would definitely say I am diva. Not that its a good thing though, because sometimes it stresses me out. For example, today we took family pics and I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack last night trying to coordinate the perfects outfits and accessories for all of us. I have also been known to have panic attacks before going on trips because the thought of not having my whole closet to choose from stresses me out too. I love do love me some clothes. I can’t wait to hear about and see pics of your new wardrobe.

  15. I am a Store Manager of a local Ladies Clothing store so I’m not so much challaged nor a Diva either, actually I love putting together outfits for other people that’s my favorite part of my job! The best advice is feel comfortable in what you have on if you try to be something your not or try to look like someone your not, it shows & then your misarable because you don’t feel comfortable. I am very honest with my customers I would never say something looks good if it doesn’t just to make a sale that not who I am I want my customer to trust my judgement & comeback to get my advice. Hope you had a fun day with Dusty shopping with girlfriends is always so much fun.

  16. I have a pretty fahionable eye, but my current figure takes a little more effort to make it look good.

  17. can’t wait to see what she does….so, i thought we were the BS girls and we stick together. now dusty, don’t be leaving out the rest of us. hook up the “leader” then you’ve gotta share your skills.

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