Things You May Not Know…

1. I was an incredibly ugly baby. My hair stood straight up and I had to wear a bonnet for the first six months of my life until I became presentable. When I tell people this my mother usually chimes in and says, “You weren’t THAT ugly.” 2. I learned about the birds and the bees from Aryn White in my back yard in 4th grade. I couldn’t look at my parents for weeks. 3. I was on the track team all through jr. high and high school. I was a high jumper. What else are you going to do when you’re nearly six feet tall and weigh 120 lbs? 4. I was voted the Best Friend of my senior graduating class in 1989. Since I was taller than all the boys, they certainly weren’t going to go out with me. So, I became their friend 🙂 5. I’m highly organized. It’s only January 3, 2008 and I already have all of Chris’ and my ITEMIZED tax information ready to send off as soon as we get Chris’ W-2. Go ahead and roll your eyes. 6. I can sew. Yesireebob I can. 7. I participated in a Pageant when I was 17 and sang You Took Advantage of Me for the talent part of the competition. Nice. 8. I speak Spanish. I specialized in it in college. But I haven’t been using it as much in Oklahoma like I did in Texas 🙁 9. I’ve never been drunk or taken an illegal drug. 10. I spent 10 weeks as missionary on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming during the summer of 1991.

21 thoughts on “Things You May Not Know…”

  1. well we have something in common, I sang the same song in a pageant…. Errr I mean I was an ugly baby. So ugly the nurses comments made my wife cry.

  2. Okay so I have a mother complex, I didn’t mean wife, I meant mom. Don’t worry my therapist and I work through that Freudian slip weekly

  3. This is pretty cool! I want to learn Spanish this summer at Francis Tuttle. I don’t remember nearly as much from teaching ESL in Texas as I had hoped.

  4. Tomé un español y no en el 8 º grado….

    so I had to go online to translate for me 🙂 I posted 9 random things about me on Robin’s site…maybe I should do one of these…it is FUN!

  5. So was that supposed to shock me? I mean ugly baby, sewing, singing, no dates, and taxes ready…sounds about right!
    Just kidding… I can’t really imagine you as an ugly baby, although I guess it makes sense, things change…I was an adorable baby.

  6. Yo no puedo hablar mucho español. Es fresco oír todas estas cosas interesantes acerca de usted. Yo nunca he tomado una bebida ni dugs utilizado cualquiera. A veces que es duro para personas para creer.

    Sé que los otros que leen esto piensan que hablo español; sin embargo yo acabo de utilizar algún software de la traducción.


  7. You did not wear a hat the first 6 mos. I just kept your hair plastered down with water! You were a precious baby though-still are!

  8. Esta in la biblioteca? No en la cocina!

    Oh, it’s so sad that’s all I can remember from SIX years of spanish.

    I danced in the Sr. chorus line to Earth Wind and Fire’s “Let’s Groove Tonight…” Rukkus knows about THAT song…

    great hearing those fun details about a wonderful person! I can’t imagine you were ugly as a baby; didn’t Brooke Shields say that, too?

  9. shh…i can cook. I’m cooking this for dinner right now: 2-4 chicken breasts or thighs. 1 can cream mushroom soup, 1 cup sour cream, 1 stack Ritz crackers, 1/2 stick melted butter. Saute chicken in oil till browned. Layer in oven proof glass bowl or deep pan. Combine sour cream & soup. Pour over chicken. Crush Ritz crackers & sprinkle on top. Drizzle with melted butter. Cook in over 350 for 45 minutes. The gravy this makes is really decadent over rice too. And yes, I can cook rice too…but it’s in manly way! (grin)

  10. Natalie Witcher, Traductor de Google es su amigo. (Sonrisa) Google Translator is your friend. (grin)

  11. Come to south OKC and you can speak Spanish til you’re blue in the face! As a school nurse, I speak what I call “Immunization Spanish.” : )

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