Things That Make Me Go…

Update today at 1:00pm:  Okay, so a while back Hope and Roger tagged me, right?  They tagged me to tell 10 things about myself before I actually wrote this post.  And today, Rachel, tagged me, too.  I thought, “How cool!  I kind of just did my own 10 things on my blog today!”  So, let today’s post act as a “10 Things About Me” Post.  And since you are supposed to tag some folks, I’ll tag five people I have not met face-to-face.  It took me three tags to respond so I understand if someone doesn’t do it.  The Noreaster Jimmy Paravane Lori Boucher Erica Magdelein Joe Louthan  Mmmmmm. In no particular order…
  1. Laffy Taffy – Any flavor. Any time of day. Even before breakfast.
  2. Cool mornings on my back porch sippin’ some coffee, filled with sugar-free vanilla creamer and Splenda, of course, with the Hubby. Sometimes talking. Sometimes not.
  3. Listening to my 4-year old make up his own words to Chris Tomlin’s “How Can I Keep From Singin’“. There’s nothing sweeter. Except maybe a little Laffy Taffy 🙂
  4. Seeing an opportunity arise to minister to someone and knowing good and well I had nothing to do with it. Nothin’ like a little Holy Spirit up in the house.
  5. Driving across the state line from Oklahoma into Texas. Just a great feeling for this Texan gal.
  6. Eating Tex-Mex down in San Antonio.
  7. Singin’ some great harmonies with the Bealls. All of them can sing, ya’ll. All of them.
  8. When my oldest son gets my “dry” sense of humor and comes right back at me. Classic.
  9. Shopping at Kirkland’s with my mom.
  10. Getting emails from people who’ve been helped through the struggles that Chris and I have endured in our marriage.
Good times, y’all. Good times. Tell me somethin’ that makes you go mmmmmm.

31 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Go…”

  1. Sugar-free vanilla creamer and splenda? It’s like we’re soul mates. I can’t imagine life without dark chocolate, chips and salsa, and being able to recognize God in things. Oh, my kids and husband, too 🙂

  2. When I look over at my husband driving in the car and he smiles at me…and after all that’s happened in my life, I think “wow, God really does heal the brokenhearted.”

    And chocolate cake. There is nothing higher than chocoalte cake, culinarily ? speaking.

  3. Carmel- yummy & the creamier the better, When my boys out of nowhere in the middle of doing something say ‘I love you Mommy’ & watching the boys play baseball in the front yard to see pure enjoyment and listen to them giggle-Awesome

  4. The feeling of the carbonation in Dr. Pepper burning your throat! It’s the carbonation I am addicted to, not the caffeine.

  5. Crossing over into Oklahoma leaving Texas is oh-so-sweet as well. It’s all about where ya come from. 🙂 And Okies get to sing “Oklahoma!” as we cross the state line to come back home.

  6. mountain dew – yummy (reminds me of my papa) – when my husband surprises me at work (it still makes my heart skip a beat- i think wow God gave me such a gift) – the sunrise over lake hefner – it is beautiful!!!

  7. Finding an awesome sale on something you were going to buy anyway
    Flannel Sheets on a cold night
    Sees Chocolates
    Homemade Banana Milkshakes
    Tent camping next to a lake/river with a campfire and lots of smores
    Cuddles from my 2 year old daughter
    Long hugs from my hubby

  8. Oreos when I’m sick.

    Twizzlers when I’m sick.

    When it takes less than 67 bucks to fill up my little Jeep.

    When I get those Holy Spirit chills and I just KNOW sumpins up!

    Sleeping in Saturday mornings.

    Listening to my kids write music together.

  9. Has nothing to do with your post but here is an update on Melanie.

    We are here at the hospital and everything is slow going but going none the less. She is in good spirits and sweet baby Harper is doing great too. Her doctor came in earlier and let us know she is dilated to about a 4. They are planning to break her water soon and that is when the real fun begins…You can be praying for her as the reality that she is about to have a baby has finally set in.

    Thank you for all of your love and support. We will let you know what is going on as we get news.
    Barrett and Melanie

  10. Running around the house with the hubs
    Rocking chairs
    “Green” products that make our home healthier
    Coffee Coffee Coffee

  11. When Nathan will stop what he is doing and look at me and say “I love you mommy” . That can make my day!!!

    When Tim comes home ealry just because.

    When a friend calls just because.

    (can you tell I like spending time with people) ha ha

  12. My husband’s hand in mine…seriously after 30 yrs of marriage he still does it for me!!!
    My two grown children hugging each other and saying “I love you”!
    A GREAT cup of coffee!
    Sitting on my patio, in my swing…enjoying God’s handiwork!
    Good stuff!!! 🙂

  13. Soft Pretzels

    Stovetop stuffing

    Anything sweet

    A cappella choirs

    People’s spiritual testimonies

    Children’s laughter…and when they call me “Miss Abbi” in their cute little voices

    The smell and the sound of the ocean

    Laying in bed in the early morning hours while it’s raining outside

    The loving smile Andrew Meadows has on his face when he shows up at my house after work 🙂

  14. diet coke & swiss cheese
    holding my husbands hand during church
    my son holding the door
    retiring from daycare tomorrow after 7 years!
    fresh snow on the trees
    my three children playing together
    knowing my husband saves the last goodbye to me before he leaves
    some good chick-lit by the pool
    having God’s plan unfold

  15. I can so related to passing that state line into Texas. When I lived in Alabama, I had two “Hook’em Horns” moments (When I would yell and cheer)…when I crossed the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge (becuase that meant I was about 1/2 way home) and when I crossed the state line from Louisianna to Texas. It’s funny, because, I still had about 4 hours to get home once I crossed the state line…but it felt like I was almost there.

    My other “mmmm” moments…

    Drinking a really cold Dr. Pepper or Coke Slurpee (has to be a Sturpee from 7-11

    Chocolate covered strawberries

    Swimming laps, by myself until I’m out of breath (great “thinking time”)

  16. You call it “Kirkland’s” out there? “Costco” here. =)

    peanut butter

    running on a trail

    a shower after a day at the beach

    a nap after a shower after a day at the beach

    tickling my 2 year old and her giggles

    frozen yogurt


  17. Special Prayer to Melanie and her impending Child Birth. May the Lord make it as easy as possible and my that beautiful Baby be strong, healthy and happy. How exciting that another one of God’s children is being born!!!

    Things that make me go hmmmmm ~~
    A gentle breeze
    The waves crashing
    Lightening over the ocean
    The smell of Fall
    The silence of snow falling
    My kids (although lately it is more of a grrrr than a hmmm)

    As far as Laffy Taffy…..BANANA is my fave.

    When I look at my list I think I may be missing the Ocean aka Home 🙁

  18. Watching from this side of the Red River the redemptive story of how God has restored you and Chris in every way.

    I smile every time I read your blog. (except for the picture of Seth’s do-do.)

  19. My son coming upstairs “just to sit” with me for no reason. Hot baths with my dog laying on the rug beside the tub. Sitting in the shade and listening to God whisper to me in the breeze. Church on Sunday mornings. Snuggling up with Jesus every night. These are a few of my favourite things …

  20. LOL Mandy says it best!! Although it’s more like a long sigh rather than an ‘mmmmm’


  21. I got tagged by Cindy. So I just posted my ten random things about me. And this is my first comment.


    Well, anyway.

    Pleasure to meet you, Cindy! 🙂

  22. MMMM…. honestly the sweetest thing is just knowing and blessing people through all that God has done in my life! Just knowing that God uses me even when I have nothing, and ultimately knowing that before the foundations of the world God had a plan for me & it was for this time, in this place–to do exactly what I’m doing! God has blessed me with a sweet day:)

  23. it’s only been a year and a half, so when I drive into Texas I still think , “I home! Yay!”

    BTW, I’m out of school so we HAVE to get together.

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