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Things I Learned From WEIRD: Part 1

If you know anything about me, you probably know that I really love my pastor, Craig Groeschel. Chris and I have been serving under his leadership since 2002. He’s been incredibly instrumental in the healing of our marriage. We just think the world of him. Not only is he our pastor and leader, we also get to call him friend. Weird His latest book released in April of this year and is entitled: WEIRD: Because normal isn’t working. It was a wonderful read chock full of actions to incorporate into our lives as we seek something different than what the world offers. I highly recommend that you buy it and read it. Just to get you hooked, here are a few things that stuck out to me in Part 1 of the book which is about Time: “We don’t need more time. We need to use the time we already have differently. You have time for what you choose to invest your time in…we find time for what’s important to us.” (p. 26) “God will often give you more than you can handle so you can learn to depend on him rather than on yourself.” (p.32) “We have to remind ourselves that just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should.” (p. 33) “If you feel like you have to produce more and more and more to fill that vacuum inside you, make no mistake: It’s idolatry.” (p. 54) “Knowing when and how to rest is knowing when and how to acknowledge your limitations and your dependence on God.” (p. 55) Craig is full of wisdom. God has truly given him so much that he must share it with the rest of us. Stay tuned for more tidbits from WEIRD over the next two weeks!

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