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Things I Learned From WEIRD: Part 5

Weird Today is the last day for me to share things I learned from WEIRD. If you haven’t purchased the book yet, you should!!! (No pressure. Okay, maybe a little.) The last section of the book is on our VALUES. This is some great stuff! Craig says that “several forces will wear away at our relationship with God over time if we let them: Blaming God, hanging around bad influences, giving in to temptation, loving the world and faking it.” (p. 192-197) He also says that we can prevent a spiritual drift if we “read our Bible, worship God, get involved at church, and pray.” (p. 198-200) “If you listen, God will show you something makes your heart ache on his behalf. He will bless you with a burden.” (p. 207) “If we want to be better than normal, we must move from good intentions to what I call God intentions.” (p. 219) “If you have just enough of Christ to satisfy you but not enough to change you, answer his knock and let him make himself at home with you.” (p. 236) Such great insight from an amazing man of God!

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