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Things I Learned From WEIRD: Part 4

Weird The 4th part of WEIRD is about SEX. Yikes. That makes some of you uncomfortable, doesn’t it? Well, I’ll just quit writing and start quoting Groeschel: “When the grass starts to look greener somewhere else, water your own yard!” (p. 154) “Great marriage never happen by accident. They always happen on purpose.” (p. 155) “When a person commits adultery, there are biblical grounds for divorce. But don’t ever forget: Adultery is also biblical grounds for forgiveness.” (p. 157) “If you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!” (p. 158) “The reason people fall into any sexual sin is because they get too close to the opportunities.” (p. 163) “Mind-blowing, God-honoring sex begins between your ears, not between your legs.” (p. 180) And I’ll stop with the last quote. Is it hot in here? Ahem. There is also some awesome stuff if you are single. Check out chapters 11 & 12.

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  1. i wish i had read this book before i had the emotional affair, so true if the grass on the other side looks greener start watering your own lawn. i did have an emotional affair and my husband is not willing to forgive me any time soon im praying he will choose to forgive me instead of choosing to let me go! please keep my marriage in your prayers.

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