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Things I Learned From WEIRD: Part 3

Weird The third part of WEIRD is on relationships. If you are single, I highly recommend you read this!!!! As a married woman, the part that hit me the most was on p. 111. I decided to just share this part since it’s long. I pray it challenges you!
Think about it: Is there any area of your life that you can stop working on and still see growth? Can you eat anything you want, avoid exercise, and expect to have a healthy body? Of course not. Can you let your front lawn go, never watering, fertilizing, or mowing, and expect to see a lush expanse of green beautiful enough to win the yard-of-the-month award? Again, forget it. Can you throw your money blindly into the stock market, never look at it again, and retired on your first investment? Not likely. And yet normal people neglect their marriage and expect it to thrive.
I know, right? I’ve talked so much over the years about marriage and investing in it to make it thrive. Craig’s quote is right on!

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