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Things I Learned From WEIRD: Part 2

Weird The second part of Craig Groeschel’s book, WEIRD, is about Money. Here’s some awesome things I was challenged with as I read it: “Being rich is always relative to a shifting standard.” (p. 64) “Where your money goes, there your heart follows.” (p. 86) “Better a little with God than a whole lot without Him.” (p. 88) “When you let God’s blessings flow through you, and you give generously as his conduit of blessing, then you will radically depart from the typical mindset of “what’s in it for me?” Which means most normal people won’t get it. They won’t understand.” (p. 95) “Strategic givers plan ahead so they can be really generous.” (p. 96) “Sacrificial givers actually see possessions as merely tools that God provides for us to advance his kingdom on earth.” (p. 97) Great stuff, huh?

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