Things Could Always Be Worse. You Could Be On Fire.

My mentor said that to me in the spring of 2002.  As soon as she said it, we both just laughed until we cried. Because y’all know it’s true. There you are one minute, complaining that the person in front of you didn’t go as soon as the stop light turned green which in turn, made you one millisecond later for your appointment than you already were.  Because of course it was that person’s fault that you weren’t going to make it on time.  It had nothing to do with the fact that you snoozed your alarm for 27 minutes. Ahem. And if you then think about yourself literally on fire and how much that would hurt and how it would damage your body, soul, mind and spirit, you will then say to yourself, “Things aren’t that bad.” Right? Recently, my family’s safety was put in jeopardy.  There were so many factors that contributed to keeping us from harm and I am forever grateful. Like the fact that the fire was started around midnight instead of 3:00 a.m.  I am rarely up at midnight but it’s much more likely that I’m awake at midnight than 3:00 in the morning.  And so many crimes are committed in the wee hours of the morning. Or how I couldn’t get rid of that unrest I felt while the hubby and I were watching a movie in our bedroom.  I tried to pray it away and chalk it up to worry.  Finally, I caved and decided to check things out around the house.  After I rounded the corner near the front door, the flames were in plain sight. Oklahoma is known for its winds.  In fact, our state song says, “Ohhhhhhh-klahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.” And sweep it does.  However, that night it didn’t blow towards the north like it does so often.  It blew to the east.  My home is north of the house that was on fire.  Who knows what would have happened had the winds shifted. One might call these coincidences.  That’s fine.  I won’t argue with you.  My time is too precious to argue with someone just for the sake of arguing. But for me?  For me? This is nothing short than the hand of Almighty God making sure his daughter didn’t go to sleep too early, couldn’t get rid of that gnawing feeling in her gut and help shift those winds another direction towards an open pasture. I believe it as sure as I’m sittin’ here. And then God. He is so good.

7 thoughts on “Things Could Always Be Worse. You Could Be On Fire.”

  1. Totally Agree with you on this.
    I can’t count the times I have had a feeling or done something different then normal only to be grateful that He lead me that way!

  2. I have thought myself over the years to be grateful for all things that I go through whether good or bad. I am gratefu just to be around to experience them. Right now I am going through a few difficulties, financially and emotionally. I just have to remind myself that I am not the only one dealing with difficulties. I jus feel that every day above ground is a good one for me and God always makes a way for his children.

  3. My godly mother figure/mentor says: Coincidence is spelled G-O-D!! If God has the hairs on my head counted (who cares how many hairs I have except God)…then He is in the small and big details of my life!! So very thankful for His care and protection over your family!! He prompted you…and you listened…that’s a GREAT thing!!!

  4. I call them God moments too. I witnessed an awesome one not long ago.

    I went to the high school for a Project Grad meeting and found the front doors locked. As I was turning away, a lady with a little girl, about 5 years old, walked up. This really cute little girl ran up and hugged my legs. Her mom and I starting talking about the doors being lock and decided to try to get in the school through the athletic gym doors. When we arrived at the gym doors, a teenage girl basketball player (from another school) came through the doors with her coach and was struggliing to breathe. This lady I was walking with asked her if she had asthma. The girl nodded and was gasping for breath. The lady then told her she was a nurse and asked her where her inhaler was. The girl pointed into the school. The nurse asked the coach if she had any idea where the girls inhaler was. The coach could only guess that it was in the girls gym bag. The nurse told the girl that she had asthma too and showed her the inhaler she had in her pocket. She asked the girl if she wanted to use her inhaler. Then asked the coach if she thought it okay. The girl was in really bad shape trying to breath. The girl used the inhaler and in seconds was able to breath. The girl went back into the gym and the nurse and her little girl went on their way. It was over in a matter of minutes. I stood there for a few minutes just stunned. Then a friend came out the doors and told me the meeting was cancelled. I really needed to see all that, that day. I was losing faith in humanity at that time.

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