They Don’t Know I’m Nearly Six Feet Tall

“Wow, I didn’t know you’d be so tall!” That is the typical response I get when I meet people that I’ve “known” on the internet for a while. You see, my dad was tall and my uncles were tall so therefore, I am tall.  With shoes on, I am just shy of 72 inches. There are many out there whom I’d like to meet.  In fact, I can hardly wait til our paths cross. So, Tam, Mandy, Jenni, Brandi, Lori, and Alece, put a piece of tape on a wall at 6′ off the floor. And you’ll know how tall I am. Unless I wear heels 🙂

9 thoughts on “They Don’t Know I’m Nearly Six Feet Tall”

  1. CINDY BEALL!!! I love you.

    Ok. I’m thinking you hop on a plane to Nashville.
    I hop up to Atlanta, grab Alece, and we go.

    And somehow we manage to get Jenni and Tam there.
    Whaddya say?

  2. ROFLOL…. the thought never entered my mind. My mother-in-law is 6′ tall. Um… if she didn’t have scoliosis, she’d be over 6′ tall. My husband is 6’2″. I’m a mere 5’5″. I feel like a dwarf among them. I’m used to tall people. I’m shocked at all to know you’re tall. I noticed Chris is tall on LifeChurch.tv episodes he’s preached on. You’re gonna have some tall boys! 😉

  3. I will wear my tallest heels when I meet you so that I can get up to 5’9″ or 5’10”. Then we can put our chins on the tops of Jenni and Brandi’s heads when we hug them. 🙂

    Be warned that I am just as clumsy as I say I am and that I’m quite likely to trip, fall or wound myself while we are hanging out. Happens all the time.

  4. and, yet, another reason i have to look up to you.

    @mandy – i think jenni has a fortune cookie car hidden somewhere in her rice cave. we can take that to n’ville.

    oh i love you girls!

  5. i have absolutely no problem looking up to you… and i’ll be insanely jealous of your LONG legs!!! 🙂

    and a nashville meet up sounds delightful, mandy!

  6. i am loving mandy’s idea. wish we could bippity-boppity-boo that into reality.

    i can’t wait to meet all six-feet of you!

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