They Called Him “Bicycle Bob”

I just called him the man without a home who rode his bike in my city. So, imagine my surprise, shock, disdain (my guilt) when I heard from a friend that he died.  Apparently, he was murdered by another homeless man two days ago (Sunday).  And I just saw him two days before that (Friday) with a smile on his face as he nonchalantly strolled toward the highway.  Albeit a dirty, grubby smile, but a smile nonetheless. Within two weeks of my first, and now only, encounter with him, he is gone.  He won’t be seen peddling up and down Edmond Rd or the Broadway Extension. No one will wonder why he wears multiple layers of clothing on a hot, summer day because he won’t be wearing them. I’m not emotional, but am definitely bothered.  Not heartbroken, but am most certainly saddened.  And now I wonder if my encounter with him this month is supposed to mean something, supposed to get me to think with more intention.  Am I supposed to apply a “carpe diem” attitude to every opportunity that presents itself to me?  Should I embrace every needy soul that is strategically placed stumbles upon my path? Apparently, there is going to be a memorial for Bicycle Bob. I wonder what will be said about the man without a home. I wonder how many will attend. I wonder if he’ll even be missed. I guess in a strange sort of way, I’ll miss him.

4 thoughts on “They Called Him “Bicycle Bob””

  1. I wondered if it was the same man…I would see him every where and marveled that he could ride so many different places. I too wonder who will miss this man???

  2. I heard on the news tonight that over 400 people attended his memorial service. Also, First Christian has offered to provide a funeral for him, but I didn’t hear if a date had been set. I pray somewhere along the line someone ministered to him. I feel bad for not being that someone…

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