These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Saturday mornings in the fall. Transformed lives by the power of Christ. Crossing over the Red River into my home state. The smell of fresh, cut grass in the spring. Listening to my husband preach. Movie nights at home. Tucking in my boys and tickling them til they can hardly breathe. Going out for Mexican food with my family down in Texas. What’s one of your favorite things?

11 thoughts on “These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things”

  1. watching someone I’ve witnessed to be baptized

    seeing families who have adopted be families

    my daughters unique laughter


    watching my son play sports, my husband coach, and the many children that brings into our lives

    God’s landscaping and the transformation in each season


    my husband flirting…with me of course!

    stumbling across people like Cindy Beall who are obviously walking in their purpose!

  2. Favorite things….
    Learning about God

    Having a husband that loves me, doesn’t complain about going to work while I am staying home (recently unemployed but feel it is God’s plan in my life)

    Enjoying God’s creation – am currently sitting on our patio, watching the river as the fishies jump up, listening to the morning commuter traffic on the highway across the river, the birds chirping – so many different sounds they make.

    Leaving a voice mail for a friend and telling her what I am doing and encouraging her for the workday and telling her how proud I am of her for quitting smoking (since January!)

    Feeling the sun just starting to make it’s way thru the clouds.

    Enjoying the fact that I am going to see some of my best friends that I worked with for lunch today.

    Just being me and loving the fact the God loves ME! Thank you Jesus.

    ….and thank you Cindy — I am enjoying your insight.

  3. Summer

    Watching my husband be a dad.

    Crossing the Red River (the other direction) to spend time with my family.

    Offering hope to the hopeless (I am only the vessel of course).

    Listening to my 2 year old calling my name when she wakes up in the morning….on that note…I have to go.

  4. Sweeper marks in the carpet

    Hearing my boys laugh

    Cemeteries – yes, I just think they’re cool

    Motorcycle rides with the Foxy Mr.

    Fabric softener on my towels.

  5. I like crossing the red river into my home state too! But I’m headed the other direction and get to sing “OKLAHOMA!” 🙂 Last time we made that crossing, a couple weekends ago, we visited the OKC campus of LC and I saw your other half. Had one of those weird, “Where do I know that guy from??” moments before they posted his name and I realized I only know him from your website. 🙂

  6. laughter and relaxation

    my kids laughing with me and relaxing

    my husband helping me grow into a season that I enjoy laughing and relaxing.

    being thankful that God is able to see us through all the rough stuff and desires for us to laugh and be relaxed!

  7. Being at home with my husband and girls
    watching my husband preach
    listening to my kidz laughing
    watching a movie with my family and eating some nice food.
    love cold rainy weather
    reading a love story book

  8. listening to the laughter of my children, between the arguments.

    my husband smiling THAT smile, at me, the one thats says I Love You!

    a good cup of coffee

    the mountains of West Virginia

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