There’s Always A Story To Tell

My youngest asked Jesus to come live inside in heart recently which means he will be getting baptized in about a week. He’s a little nervous about the baptism but loves knowing Jesus. He loves that he will go to Heaven. He loves that he can pray to God and be healed from the flu. And he loves taking communion. In fact, every Saturday night, which is when the boys and I attend our campus, he picks up four communion cups and brings them home with us. He wants our family to do communion together. So we do. But last Saturday was different. We stayed at church for an extended period of time. While we were there, he managed to take communion four times. Each time he did it went a little something like this:
(Holding up the cracker) This is Jesus’ body (crunch) (Holding up the juice) This is Jesus’ blood (slurp)
He’s six, y’all. Six.

3 thoughts on “There’s Always A Story To Tell”

  1. I love that kid. He asked me the other day, Ms. Falisha are we ever going to have Konnect again? I miss worshipping with you. Oh be still my heart! I love him to pieces!!!

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