There’s A Baby I Know

His name is Jace. And one day at three months old, he stopped breathing. Utter despair and complete chaos filled the home as the young parents were enduring the unthinkable. After three weeks in the hospital and many discouraging doctor’s reports, Rocky and Lydia took their baby boy home to watch him be healed. You see, even though doctors told their family that he’d never eat again on his own or make voluntary movements or make any noises and plenty of other things, this young couple knew otherwise. Confirmation after confirmation made way to their hearts and ears and they knew their son would be restored completely on this earth. They still know today…three months later. Days ago I was privileged enough to sit with this young mother and her own mother. As they shared the story, they were reminded at all God had done. And I was reminded at all God could do. I sat there while that young momma fed her baby boy. And I watched him suck that food down…on his own. Then, that precious angel moved his head, arms and legs. I heard his sweet, little cry as he was searching for his momma’s shoulder. I witnessed a miracle in the making.
How great is our God Sing with me, how great is our God And all will see how great, how great, is our God.

14 thoughts on “There’s A Baby I Know”

  1. Amen and Amen. God is so good and great. I love hearing about miracles – big miracles. It dawns on me however that if I look hard enough, with a heart of gratitude, I can see His miraculous works in my life, and the lives of others, every single day. How great indeed!

  2. It’s been amazing watching faith in action through the entire Campbell family! This post made me cry. God is a great God. He cares for us.

    Thank you Lord for healing sweet little Jace:)

  3. I think it’s cool how our blogs parallel each other’s every once in a while.

    Great minds are still thinking alike!

    Great story!

  4. Nothing is too difficult for him. Thanks for the reminder that he is amazing and can do anything that pleases him, even if everyone thinks it seems impossible.

  5. That is an amazing story. How blessed I am to have gotten to hear again about another miracle. God is so good. He really shows us everyday that we are his prize possesions.

  6. Yes! What an amazing God! He answers prayers, heals the sick and loves us intimately and deeply enough to do it!! He is a MIRACLE BABY!!

  7. We have a young lady in our church who was told at Thanksgiving that she had about a week to live (she had been fighting cancer). Needless to say, she is still here and the testimony and faith she has had in God is indescribable.

  8. God is so good! Rocky and Lydia are amazing parent’s and such a encouragement to all us parent’s that have kids. Everything is possible when you lean on the Lord!! I had to learn this when Sadie was a baby and in the hospital. After the eight days she spent in the NICU they could find nothing wrong with her! Praise God.

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