There Will Always Be Pee On Our Toilets

If you have a house with boys in it, then you can identify. I know this girl, this girl and this girl feel my pain. It doesn’t matter if I cleaned the toilets in the morning, there will be little drops of a pastel yellow substance on, near or around the toilet later that same day.  It’s just the way it is. I’ve stopped being mad about it.  I am no longer annoyed when I find it.  And I most certainly am not grossed out about it.  I live with all testosteron-ey men…I am not grossed out about anything. I don’t clean my house to keep it clean.  I clean it because it’s dirty.  And even though there are shoes NEXT to the shoe bin, clothes NEXT to the laundry hamper and jackets lying NEXT to the hook, I do my best not to freak out. Because I have a man and little boys who will always pee on, near or around the toilet. I am blessed.

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  1. And this girl 🙂 I a cleaner in the cabinet in the boys’ bathroom and wipe it down at least once a day…with a smile on my face, of course. It is an honor to have sons and I love that man of mine who has such bad aim 🙂 Cindy, you are so beautiful…just thought I throw the obvious out there 🙂 miss you friend!

  2. And I have a man and two almost grown boys (14 and 17) and I feel your pain….yellow stuff I can handle…now when they forget to flush or it won’t flush after their extended reading sessions….welll, I try, I really try not to be grossed out, but not very successful…now after two boys, dirt,worms, frogs, wet towels….not a problem…and I am thankful for my boys

  3. My Sweet Man cleans our toilets. He told me when we got married that I didn’t have to because I sit to pee. He also puts the seat down. 🙂

    The Lord blessed mightly!

  4. What I didn’t expect was having pee on the toilet seat after one of the girls used it. …turns out that if you’re a young-un and you don’t wipe very well it can spread around the seat as you slide off.

    Who knew?

    Ah… the joys of parenthood [smile].


  5. Feeling your pain…indeed.

    My boys now clean their own bathroom (unless my mom is coming for a visit!). I actually heard Kid Two yell at Kid One, “And you BETTER lift the seat! I JUST cleaned that!”

    Music to my ears.

  6. Thanks to Kim Heinecke’s message, I’m now going to pass off this job to my boys. Why is it I never thought of that before? I love my 4 boys!!

  7. Great post Cindy.

    And I’m totally with you Luke. I have girls and I hope their aim gets better with age. I’m the only guy in my house and after exclaiming, “How can you miss!!?” a couple of times, I’m just not surprised by it at all any more.

  8. I needed to read this! I have a sona dn a husband. I have two daughters (teen and toddler). The toddler pees EVERYWHERE! THe hubby and son well…I clean alot of pee. The teen handles her own.

  9. Oh so true . . . we have three sons. When they were teens all three played soccer, baseball and ran track/cross country. Oh the laundry! One long weekend I did 22 loads. I had a 3-bag laundry bin. I went to start the laundry . . . only three socks . . . three mind you . . . made it into the bin. The rest piled around the bin. I decided asking wasn’t working . . . ranting wasn’t working . . . so I sent an email to the four men in my home . . . with a picture of the empty bin surrounded by piles of dirty laundry. Worked for about a week! Laundry just isn’t a priority for the men in my home.

  10. Yep, even my five year old girls can get in hurry to go play and not wipe so well which leaves their lovely pee droplets on the seat or the floor. My boy is only six months old, so my time with him is coming. He does pee every single time we put him in the bath, though. His little body hits the warm water and almost instantly he shoots a steady stream out!

  11. Yea, I’m thankful that it’s just the 2 of us girlies most of the time when it comes time to clean the bathroom….. a lot less potty all over the place. But, she can make and leave tracks just like a little boy when she slides off the toilet and isn’t totally dry. Ahhhh….. the joys.

  12. Yeah! Its just normal even as grown up’s we stil ve problems at times wit impatience.its just encompassing

  13. i so feel your pain! and that pain makes me feel incredibly blessed.

    and just fyi, cindy… a few weeks ago i taught my boys how to use a toilet brush and clorox wipes. they actually don’t mind cleaning their own toilets. who knew a $3.99 toilet brush and a few wipes would change my life??? 🙂 now if i could just teach my husband!

  14. I have 3 little girls. I think I will always have – Clothes all over the floor. They’re only 5,3,&2 and I swear they change clothes 5 times a day!!! 🙂 But then again, the apples don’t fall far from the tree right? hehe.

  15. I’m about to join you! Boy #2 due March 12!!! And very happy about it…pee and all! 😉 Lol! So blessed to have a house full of testosterone (dog included). Now I need to go back and read all of your “boy blogs” to get lots of wisdom & insight for what my world will be like in a few years!

  16. I don’t understand the pee thing, but I do deal with my fair share of poop in odd places on the toilet. Just sayin….it’s gross.

  17. Thank you Cindy for all the information on raising little boys. My first child was a girl and she had a moment of playing hard but quickly went into the I’m a prema donna stage at 8yrs old…. Now my daughter is 22yrs old and a wife and mother of a 2yr old beautiful little girl my granddaughter… I on the other hand am a single mother not dating in 10yrs and have this testosterone of a little boy
    who is 10yrs of age and let me tell you,he is a blessing but also, a piece of work!!!!!The whole pee on the seat thing,not flushing the toilet,wet towels,clothes on the floor right by the laundry basket,smelly sneakers being left in the living room wanting to hug me when he comes in from playing football or running with his friends,I tell Cindy its awful but I thank you for what I’ve just read it has already given me a change of heart towards my son and at this very moment I am now thanking God for him because I just received a reality check from God thru you…..He won’t always be like this and also,he will be a grown man soon and have a wife and a family. Knowing that I will miss this mess of raising him to be a clean man brought me tears of love and joy of cleaning up those little messes for now and stop stressing out over them like I’ve been doing ever since he turned 8yrs old.He does have chores but I think I’d like to do just a little more cleaning up behind now just so i won’t regret these sad but wondering years when there gone……Thank you Cindy you are a Blessing from God….Shelley M.

  18. Thank you for that! It’s just what I needed today after i saw our toilet this morning. I am the only female in a household with 7 man! (on big guy and the others 10 and under). The big guy is no problem with the toilet, I trained him 🙂 but the other little man!!! Terrible toilet habits but now I am not going to get cranky with them about it anymore. I’ll buy a big box of Chlorox wipes and clean it until they are big enough to clean it properly themselves.
    Also, i heard a good tip about the laundry next to the basket….put a basketball ring above the washing basket so it’s fun to hit it with the washing. I am going to try it for sure.
    We love our precious little boys!
    Blessings, Corry

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