There Were A Lot Of People At My House Last Night

If you follow me on The Twitter or Facebook, you know that I have a group of friends called my BSers.  We are in Bible Study together and have grown to be amazingly close.  This summer we are breaking from our official weekly meetings and enjoying time with our kids anywhere and everywhere.  Neighborhood pools, blackberry patches, AMC movie theaters, you name it. Last night, @chrisdbeall and I hosted a little shindig at the house.  We invited all 12 of my BSers, their husbands and our 478 children.  Oh, I’m kiddin’.  It was only 475. Here are  the gals who were able to be there.  From left to right: Elizabeth, Natalie, Christi, Kim, Robin M., Deleise, Nicole, Robin S., Jennifer and me. bs-girls We were sad not to have two of our girls with us.  Here is a picture of our group minus @jannagoodwin and @dustytakle: bs-sad And the last picture I’d like to share is in honor of Kris Takle, Dusty’s husband.  Friends, I give you the “double fist”: double-fist Because I am nice, I thought I would do a little diddy about the BSers right here.  RIGHT NOW.  These are the girls in my BS group: Christi Donaldson – Been friends with this woman for many years.  She’s tried and true and has the purest heart.  Don’t even think you can get a better deal than her at Target.  She owns Target.  Seriously.  Love her. Jennifer Edmunson – We love our Jennifer!  She just became a friend last January and now?  Well, we are all thick as thieves, I tell you.  THICK.  AS.  THIEVES. Janna Goodwin – This little honey can shoot herself some pictures!  Very impressed.  She’s also a long-time friend whom I adore and cherish and think so highly of.  She presses through this thing we call life no matter how many rocky bumps and turns it gives her.  And funny!  She’s a mess. Kim Heinecke – This snazzy gal is quite frankly one of the wittiest gals I know.  She makes me smile.  She also makes a mean apron.  MEAN. Deleise Klaassen – Um, do you know this girl?  Another witty, snazzy, funny, Godly wife and mom I’m blessed to know.  Her blog posts are sure to entertain. Nicole Knox – She’s our young-un.  Not even 30 yet, but God is growing her into an amazing wife and mom.  Proud to know her! Robin Meadows – She is also known as “Many Meadows” or “Mama Meadows” because she has so many kids…both her own and adopted.  Wise, wise, wise friend.  Pretty sure I’d be a mess without her. Robin Storch – She’s a hoot and a cherished friend.  We are secretly hoping our children marry so that we can always be with them at holidays.  What? Dusty Takle – This little lady is from Joe-Jah.  I am nuts about her and appreciate her helping me with my style.  She’s my very own clothing expert and shopper.  She also keeps me in stitches when she says, “Girl, I feel like I haven’t seen you in a month of Sundays.” Natalie Witcher – This girl is funny and knows the Word.  Oh, and she can preach!  I usually sit by her at church on Saturday nights…WHEN SHE COMES!  Not bitter. Elizabeth Zeigler – No blog.  Heck, we are trying to get the girl to check her email 🙂 So, do you know any of these ladies?  Go ahead, give ’em a shout out and show the love.  They’ll appreciate it 🙂

9 thoughts on “There Were A Lot Of People At My House Last Night”

  1. I enjoyed it!
    As for the sad faces… Christi, you look mad. Robin S – what gives? you smilin’???, Jennifer – I would buy this one. And Cindy, you had the “pose” legs working. 🙂

  2. Hahahaha. Hahahaha. Love the double-fist. Praise be to God. SO, SO, SO, SO sad I wasn’t there. I think I work a pic of me into one of these.. Photoshop, here I come.

    Love you BSers!

  3. LOVED me some BS time last night! And the hubs – well, give your men a big ole kiss because they made my hubs feel like he was among old friends and that was special.

    SPECIAL I tell you 🙂

  4. Oh I miss my BSers so much!! Thanks for the (most of you) sad faces. I so am glad that the first photo of you all smiling was fake, cuz you know that w/o DT and me it could not be all that great, RIGHT? 🙂 Back soon and can’t wait to parta’ at the pool and other fabulous Summer stuff with our kids. Love you all so so so much!!!

  5. So I have a big poochy lip. I wish I had been there. I love me most of them girls! The ones I haven’t met I bet I would love them too.

    Hard to believe that last year at this time Y’all really didn’t know Deleise. It was hard for me to believe when I got there that you all weren’t hanging together all the time.

    You are all amazing ladies. I think of you often and miss you all!

  6. Thanks for the additional reading material to waste my day away on…. I love reading God -loving -bloggin’-women’s throughts. Good stuff… now time for bed.

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