There Is Nothing Sexy About Getting Into A Boat From The Middle Of The Lake

Chris and I took the boys to our friend’s lake house back in early August.  We totally enjoyed our time there.  Both boys got up on skis and also got pulled on an inner tube.  Chris and I both wake-boarded.  For the life in me I couldn’t get outside the wake, though.  My hubby, on the other hand, did.  But on one of his trips back across it, he bit it hard. HARD. His ribs are still sore today, poor thang. Each time I would finish, I would paddle toward the boat to get back in. When I did, I felt like a big beached whale.  I’m no weakling by any means but trying to lift my body with a life jacket full of water up with my arms is no easy chore.  So, I got to the point where I literally just pulled my body up on the back platform and just laid there for a few seconds while my husband just laughed. Now, that is sexy. And that’s all I wanted to say today. Enjoy a laugh at my expense.

5 thoughts on “There Is Nothing Sexy About Getting Into A Boat From The Middle Of The Lake”

  1. I felt very similar this summer on our vacation at the lake. Big orange and black lifevest…lake gross hair and sweaty. Not sexy but full of family fun. Vacation was filled with family fun…sexy, I save for “date nite”! thanks for the giggle with my coffee!

  2. I am with you….every time I have to do it, I think, “I should work out my arms and lose some weight”. Even so, we really enjoyed the lake this summer….

  3. Had a too similar an experience myself except I had an entire audience of college kids behind me for the view. Not even funny. More like traumatic. You know, you worry about safety on teen/college rafting trips, not horrific images they may see from the pastor’s wife trying to get back in the raft. So glad I’m not the only one! Ha!

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