There Is A Season…

Turn, turn, turn. You were singing it with me, weren’t you? Chris and I will celebrate our 17th anniversary in January (Lord willing), which means we’ve been in full-time ministry for almost 15 years.  And that, my friends, is a long time!  We’ve seen so many amazing things, experienced life altering events, and grown in ways we never even believed imaginable.  And now we begin a new season of our ministry.  It’s one we are well-acquainted with at a church we’ve been at for nearly 8 years. If you aren’t aware, Chris has been on staff at LifeChurch.tv for six years.  He has served in a few different roles with his most recent role as a Regional Pastor.  Because we are a church with multiple campuses, 14 to be exact, his role provides support and leadership to six of those campuses.  The largest of the campuses is our Oklahoma City campus (OKC) where our senior pastor, Craig Groeschel, preaches live and is broadcasted to the other campuses via satellite. Long-time OKC Campus Pastor, Chris Spradlin, and his family are moving back to Steamboat, Colorado, this month.  God has been prompting them to return and recently Chris accepted a pastoral role there.  We are excited for their new season. And excited for ours. My hubby, the love of my life, @chrisdbeall, is now the OKC Campus Pastor!  (Insert hollering and clapping and a few “woo hops” right now.)  (Go ahead, try it.)  (Please?) Before any of this happened, I felt a stirring inside, a little spiritual nudge, if you will, from the Holy Spirit.  I sensed a change was coming but didn’t know what change.  With Chris’ new role many things will change.  Some will be absolutely amazing, some will be trying, but we are looking forward to the road ahead.  Chris will still oversee the other five campuses in his region in addition to this new role. I’ve asked you a few times how I could pray for you and was honored to do so.  Now, I would like to ask you to return the favor and pray for our family however God prompts you. The Beall family would certainly appreciate it.

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  1. Father God, what a privilege it is to lift this family before You. Amazing, in fact! Thank you for what you have done to rebuild and restore them and make them useful in ministering to their church family in OKC and all of us in the blog world. Thank You for leading them so clearly to this new position and for how You are preparing the way for Chris on this exciting new journey. I pray that you would raise up and strengthen their family to undertake this new area of service that you’ve given them and that You would continue to pour out Your goodness upon your servants. We love you, God. Thank You for allowing us to be a part of Your Kingdom. In the name of Jesus, may it be.

  2. I’m praying that you both would be filled with His peace, and that He will keep both of your minds and souls and spirits totally centered on Him, as you move into this, and as you fulfill the rolls He is calling you to take.

  3. Father, I come before you in Praise for the Bealls! We thankyou for allowing them this opportunity and I pray thankyou for the road that has gotten them to this place! Father, we thankyou for everything they have learned, all that you have tested, pruned and purified. With every step they have glorified you, Lord.

    I ask you Father, that you would bind them together stronger as each day comes and as they see this job they seek YOU, they honor and glorify YOU. Use them Lord as your vessels, as your servants and with each day as they lay their heads down may they know they have been about their Fathers business and accomplished YOUR will and not theirs! Give them JOY unspeakable, give them Wisdom, give them Strength, and thankyou Father each and every day for the Grace and Mercy that you will bestow on each of them!

    In the PRECIOUS name of JESUS, I pray. Amen

  4. Perfect! Chris (your Chris) has always been my favorite pastor. The OKC campus will be very fortunate to have you all as a family ministering there. Blessings for all…
    praying for you and yours…

  5. Thank you, Lord, for this family and all you have done in and through them. Thank you that they are willing to be used by you, even when it hurts and is risky. Please walk them through this chapter of their lives with guidance and wisdom from Your Holy Spirit. I pray that they will honor Your Name in all that they do, and that You will smile upon them.

    Praying in Jesus’ Name!

  6. Dear God–thank you. Thank you for your air that we breathe. For your sunshine that we walk in. And for the priviledge of serving you. I praise you for the Bealls and ask that you would guard their hearts. And I pray that you would reveal yourself more and more to them every day. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  7. Father God,
    I come before you giving you thanks and praise, Lord I ask you to bless the Beall family this day as they embark on this journey! I thank you that you have equipped them to do your work. I thank you lord that souls will be save, people will be healed, and the word will go forth. Use them Lord for YOUR glory. Breathe a fresh and new upon them. Guide them and protect them. Give them wisdom and knowledge. And Father I pray that you will bless them greatly just as they have blessed us in their daily blogs! In Jesus name!!!AMEN and AMEN!!!!

  8. Lord, there is none other than you who is intimately acquainted with the details of this appointment – may all your wills and purposes come to pass.

    In Jesus name I hold back the forces that would seek to tear this work down. We will not stand for that in Jesus name and claim this ministry and it’s fruit for your glory!

    You have planned for this – you have orchestrated details that have placed honor on so many people’s lives and for that we thank you! We thank you for the way you raise us up and are so grateful for the benefits of your timing.

    Protect this family in the days ahead.

    Amen and Amen!

  9. I love how obedient you Bealls are. And, how excited you get when God moves. Kind of like Elisha. He had this “I GET to be in ministry” attitude. Not a bad quality. Not.At.All.

  10. We pray for a smooth transition and for God’s presence in your work. We also pray for your marriage and family. Ministry can be wonderful for a family; it can also offer some real challenges. Cheryl and I have been at it together for 27 years. Overall, it has been wonderful and we wouldn’t change it! We pray the same for you.

  11. Incredibly exciting!! I recently had an opportunity to meet some of your church members- here at Thrive Africa while they were on their short term trip!!!

    What an incredible step in your journey. Praying for you and your family right now…

  12. I did not get to read this until just now – but please know that you will be in my prayers. You and yours are such a blessing and I will LOVE hearing how God is using you and Chris.

  13. That’s amazing. Is there a pastoral position that man hasn’t had? 🙂 We are thrilled for you guys as you enter into this season. Miss you, love you, prayin’ for you.

  14. My Father
    I bring the Bealls to you Lord as they prepare for this transition to take place in their lives, For I know the plans you my God have for them are plans to prosper them and are plans to give them and expected end. You guyz were born for such a time as this to spread your wings and fly and be lead by the Holy Spirit.

    love 2 your’ll


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