There Goes My Life

I don’t know why I’m crying.  He hasn’t even left for college yet, let alone middle school. But he will. And I miss him already. He’ll walk out that door in about 7 1/2 years and have a new, temporary address. He’ll make new friends and go to new restaurants.  He’ll buy new books and go to a new church. He won’t have a curfew.  He can watch what he wants on TV.  He can go to a horror movie even though he’ll go back to his dorm scared half to death. He’ll call me when he needs more money.  He’ll call me when he has a question about something he’s sure I can answer.  He’ll call me to tell me how he did on a test. And he’ll call me to ask if he can bring his laundry home to me to clean. And I’ll say yes 🙂 He’ll also call me just for no reason at all.  He’ll call me to check in and see how I am doing with his little brother.  He’ll call simply to tell me that he loves me. Because that’s the kind of son I have.  The kind of son I’m blessed to raise. I didn’t expect this emotion this morning when I tuned my Pandora station into my country blend.  A little Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley and Tim McGraw never hurt nobody.  Then Mr. Kenny Chesney decided to remind me how wonderful and terrible parenting is all in the same song. I guess that’s okay, Kenny. I needed a good cry.

8 thoughts on “There Goes My Life”

  1. And that very reason (they grow up) is why I cherish Christmas breaks, President’s day and summer (all times when they are not in school) Because all too soon (Hannah will be 17 this month) they will be gone and away. They will come back but it will be different. Help us, Lord, to treasure the moments!

  2. And at that precise moment when we realized the same thing about our oldest is when we started looking at classifieds to find an RV. We realized we had 8 years left with V – that she was closer to going away to college than she was being born…..Crap of a day, let me tell you!!

    We had read the book The Blessing where it lists the #1 thing kids remembered doing as a kid that was their fave was camping. Its an old book, but a neat one…..

    We have since upgraded but those first couple of years in that 1973 Class A is something they still talk about. I also think it helped with the kids working together – being able to get along in tight quarters, help set up and pack up, learn neat things about each other and our Nation. It really did wonders for us as a family and a great springboard for other things that we changed in daily living.

  3. Been there done that…and it’s NOT ever easy!! Our adorable red-headed boy turned 27 yrs old this past December!! He married a beautiful, Jesus-lovin’ young woman and they live in another state. But…he calls us to say ‘hi’…he calls us to tell us how his day is going…he calls us to talk about sports, and money, and applying to grad school…and he calls us to say ‘I love you’!! It’s a joy to our hearts and it’s also a hurt in our hearts…but we are thankful EVERY day that he loves Jesus and he loves his wife!! But…he’ll ALWAYS be our adorable red-headed little boy!! 🙂
    Thanks, Cindy, for the reminder to love our children every day to fullest…because in a blink of an eye…they are grown and gone.

  4. This post was right on target with me today. We took the Kiddo back to college today, and even though I’m always relieved when it’s time for him to go back (because having him at home, in all his newfound independence is really stressful on all of us), it’s still hard. In fact, moments before I read your post, I picked up the phone and called him, just to ask what he was doing and to say that I miss him. It’s a hard job, being a mom.

  5. Oh. My baby is just an inch away from three, and yet – this is one of the things I think about at night when I can’t sleep. Makes me so sad. And I cherish the moments with her all the more. Like snuggling with her when she’s supposed to be napping, and she turns to me and says, ” Mommy, I love you.” in her almost 3 year old voice.

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