The Winds, They Are A Blowin’

When I told my oldest brother that we were moving to Oklahoma back in 2002, he responded, “Oklahoma?  What’s in Oklahoma?” It’s nearly 67,000 square miles provide a backdrop for God to showcase some of His most fascinating masterpieces of creation.  But, if you are looking for the night life and an ongoing list of things to keep yourself entertained, you have probably not chosen the right state to call home.  Unless, that is, you like football. That’s never been a problem for Chris and me.  We are homebodies, plain and simple.  Our entertainment consists of hanging out on our back porch enjoying the scenery around us.  We also enjoy doing things outdoors with our boys and spending time with friends.  A good restaurant is nice to go to every now and again, but for the most part, we cook our own meals and stay home.  Did I mention we have a back porch? 🙂 On this back porch we have a swing.  Every inch of it was created by the hands of my man.  It is the place where we enjoy our morning coffee, our afternoon chats and our evening wind down sessions.  We love our swing. We love it because on the hot summer afternoons it’s the only place on the porch that can catch a breeze.  The southerly wind shoots straight up our street, wraps around our house and then gently caresses us causing the 100+ degree heat to no longer matter. However, sit on that swing in the dead of winter, say on a January afternoon and you will be chilled to the bone with that wind coming out of the north.  It’s bitter and harsh and provides no comfort whatsoever. Life is like that sometimes. There are seasons in life that are relatively easy.  Jobs are secure, relationships are healthy, things work without a lot of effort.  We call these seasons South Winds. Then, there are those times where everything is painful.  Nothing is going right no matter how hard you try.  You are met with a brick wall at every turn.  We call these seasons North Winds. As you can imagine after nearly 17 years of marriage, Chris and I have been through these seasons many times.  There have been some South Wind seasons that are sweeter than I ever dreamed possible only to find that a North Wind season was on its way.  And we can usually tell when the seasons will change. South Winds are necessary.  They allow you to breathe, to rest.  And we need that.  Even though North Winds are painful and very uncomfortable, we need them, too.  For it is in those difficult times that we grow.  Only we don’t see the growth until we swing back into a South Wind season. Chris and I are entering a North Wind season ourselves.  Nothing bad is happening by any means, but there are definitely some things on the horizon that we are gearing up for.  Things that will cause us to spend a little more time on our knees. What about you?  What season are you in now?

13 thoughts on “The Winds, They Are A Blowin’”

  1. love this post!
    We seem to experience North Winds on a weekly basis. They are brief but blustery! Our winds appear to be blown by particular people but I’m sure that is not the case. I do believe when you have certain issues in your life…you may even be more sensitive to those cold North Winds. Mainly I am glad that we as a family can snuggle up together when the wind blows long and hard! Snuggling has become a new favorite pastime!

  2. We are most definitely in a North Wind time. We are tired and stressed and are longing for a routine, some calm and more family time. We see it coming – its so close.

    We willingly went into this time which gave us a little heads up that we were going to have to pray a little harder, give a little more grace and hold our tongues a little more than normal.

    The colder it is, the more you can appreciate the Son and his warmth 😉

  3. We are in a north wind season, but God is merciful in sending me an occasional south wind. But I’ve also learned that I can miss those south winds if I’m not diligent about looking for them.

    I was just thinking about this yesterday.

    I was in the house when all of a sudden seemed really cold. The air was down a little too low and I’d just drank a tall glass of iced tea. LOL Anyways, I in order to warm up, I stepped outside to soak up its warmth.

    As I stood there in the hot sun, I realized that it was just like my spiritual journey. Sometimes it grows cold. Perhaps it is due to a trial, or maybe it’s due to the effects/consequences of sin (mine or others)…or maybe I’m not believing/thinking as I should. I’ve learned that when I feel my spirit growing cold, I must purpose myself to step into God’s bright light – and rest, making every effort to grasp ahold of everything that God has already provided.

    “Therefore be diligent to enter that rest, so that no one will fall…” ~Hebrews 4:11

    Thanks for the opportunity to write that down…it was good to think on it more!

  4. we are in a north wind so blustery strong, that there is absolutely no support to see us through – only my weakened faith, my wonderful son….and the hope in God to restore, heal, change, and make a bright and beautiful spring. It would be wonderful to be in this storm side by side, together, we can always make it…but this storm, is the hardest one yet….and the only sound are my prayers bouncing back in the wind….thanks for this post….it reminds me God is always here, even in the most impossible of situations.

  5. We’re in a north wind season with signs of change on the horizon! I keep wanting this season to hurry up and be done so we can get this show on the road. But I can’t learn anything if I hurry it.

  6. We are in a North wind season, but both recognize it and are riding it out hopeful to be better people when the South wind comes.

  7. If all we have in life is good…Then we don’t really appreciate the good.

    I feel as if we are in South Winds time. Even though Craig isn’t working and the kids are still mourning Mel. We are closer, stronger and optimistic.

    Now it is time for us to reflect back to the North Winds and make sure that we learned something, that it wasn’t a wasted growth opportunity.

  8. We’re in a South wind. It’s really good. North wind might be comin’ with a new youngin’ and all. You know, when momma just had a baby and all the “stuff” don’t work too good. 🙂

    That’s okay, just means a warm southerly wind will make its way back around.

  9. North wind – but with a south wind blowing in every now and then. It’s at those times that I am aware of how much I’ve grown. It’s not fun, nor is it feeling good – but, I am strong in my belief that there will be a time when the North wind doesn’t feel so bitter.

  10. I’d say we are enduring North Winds with a brief South Wind every now and then for a break. It’s not easy and it’s not fun – but God is faithful!!

  11. Wow….

    I am just coming out of a season of busyness, (months of). You can tell I barely blog anymore.

    My kids are changing rapidly. One in college, one a junior, and another in 4th grade. My ministry is changing rapidly this year. So seasons… yes seasons.

    But one I am enjoying (season) right now is the one I stood up for myself. LOVED myself … I am buying dresses with red hot heels, wearing my hair long for the very first time in YEARS. Finally looking in the mirror and smiling.

    …. Not for anyone but me… and for the Master Himself….

    God rocks in the seasons if we let Him.

  12. I am happy that I have learned to look forward to the hard times because God always teaches and blesses after it ends when we pass. In order to try not to “re-do” or have a “do-over”, I try to learn something out of it. We have been in a hard season, health reasons and just in general a lot of pressure and seemingly stressful time. But its a test to see if we will endure. And I am happy to say we have thus far and will continue and am looking forward to the South Winds again. THis weekend was a nice break, no football, no running from one end of the country to another to drop someone somewhere, just resting…. God is faithful, if we allow Him to shine his light in the midst of our circumstances. God Bless you all for your comments and wisdom. I really enjoy reading your blog. Hope your all trying to rest this weekend.

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