The Why Behind The Telling

Shortly after Jesus’ departure from earth, Peter got after it.  And by that phrase I mean, he started being about the Father’s business. Every.  Single.  Moment. Now, if you know the Bible at all you know that Peter going around proclaiming the risen Christ did not land very well with the rulers, the elders of the people, the teachers of the law and many others. But he did it anyway.  All of the disciples did it anyway.
But Peter and John replied, “Judge for yourselves whether it is right in God’s sight to obey you rather than God.  For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.  Acts 4:19-20
Over the last seven plus years since our story came out, we’ve talked about it with just about anyone who will listen.  Now, we don’t go up to people, introduce ourselves and then spew all over them. But close. We don’t do this to get attention.  We don’t open our hearts for others to the see the immense pain we walked through to get a pat on the back.  We don’t lay everything on the line and risk relationships so that we can get a book deal. We do it because we can’t help but do it.  Just like Peter and John, we can’t help but speak about what God has done in our lives.  It’s remarkable.  It’s miraculous.  It’s life-giving.  And it’s full of hope. So why on earth would we not share it? Don’t be afraid to share your story.  This girl, this girl and this girl did. One of the reasons we often endure heaps and heaps of pain is so that the glory of God will be revealed in our lives. Oftentimes your pain is what brings life to another.

6 thoughts on “The Why Behind The Telling”

  1. thank you, my dear friend! you are an amazing mentor and leader to the broken… the one’s who need leadership and mentorship the most!

    cheers to our life stories… and may the bring glory to the only ONE that matters – GOD!

  2. Cindy. Wow. I’ve had some rough times of late related to my husband’s infidelity two years ago. Struggling something fierce again when I thought I was done. And I’ll admit that I’ve been, I’m VERY ashamed to say, a bit jealous about how THOROUGHLY and completely you and Chris seem to have mended your marriage and made it better than it ever was. Jealous that Chris did all the right things right from the moment of telling you. And that’s my shame, that any part of me would be jealous of something that’s so WONDERFUL for you.

    Cindy, you’re such a blessing with your obvious heart for marriage. You’ve been blessing me since I first heard you speak on forgiveness at A Woman Inspired last April. You give me such hope and the fact that my heart is still sometimes petty and mean about women who have healed marriages is a reflection of how very far I have yet to go.

    You’ve brought blessings to me in the way I look at marriage and forgiveness in general. You’ve particularly blessed me because it was through your talk at AWI that I found and Church Online. You and Chris are doing an amazing and generous thing by sharing. I’ll never get my husband to do all the “right” things post infidelity that Chris did. And I have, for the most part, accepted that. What I’m seeing through your example, and through your incredibly grace in you situation, is what forgiveness looks like even when I’m not getting things to go my way.

    So please — keep doing what you’re doing. And don’t let the people like me, who are sometimes jealous not of your success in terms of being “out there” but who are hoping to get a marriage like yours, get you down.

  3. “we can’t help but speak about what God has done in our lives.”
    so true! beautiful reminder and encouragement to continue speaking about what God has done.

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