The Way We Were

***My fellow internet peeps, I give you the newest writer to cindybeall.com.  The love of my life, Chris Beall…


I am an activator.


When I get an idea or get the slightest bit excited about doing something….it’s too late to stop me.


It was about 17 years ago.  I had been a follower of Christ for just about a year and had just met the woman I would marry.  I’ll tell the whole story another time but the morning after our first date, I drove to Austin, Texas, and put a down payment on a wedding ring for Cindy (I really am an activator).


The story gets better.  A week after our first date, Cindy went to San Diego to visit her sister-in-law and newborn niece, and I was left missing her.  What to do…what to do.  I know!  Why don’t I call her mom?  I picked up the phone two days before Cindy would be flying back in and called Nancy, Cindy’s mom.


“Hi, Mrs. Moehring.  My name is Chris Beall.  I am a friend of your daughters,” I said nervously.

“I know who you are,” she replied.

“I really like your daughter and thought it might be cool if we hung out together this weekend.  I could take you out to dinner and we could get to know each other before she gets home,” came my reply.

“Well, um, I guess that would be okay,” Nancy said.


That day I had my friend drive me from San Marcos to Georgetown, which was about an hour away.  I knocked on the door and Nancy opened it.  In one hand I had my guitar so that I could play her some of the really bad songs I had been learning.  In the other hand, I had a basket full of my dirty laundry. 


Suffice it to say, Nancy and I had a great weekend getting to know each other.  She enjoyed my bad songs, took me out to dinner and even washed my laundry, including my underwear, for me.  After all of this, she still let me marry her daughter.  Thanks Nancy!


Since we will be spending some time together on this blog I thought I’d give you a snapshot into who I am and how I’m wired.


My name is Chris Beall, and I am an activator.


Who are you?

33 thoughts on “The Way We Were”

  1. Spending some time, on purpose, with your future mother-in-law before she’s even your future mother-in-law…that could possibly be a first for the male species.

  2. I didn’t see until this morning what picture cindy choose to include with this post….thanks a lot baby.

    Robin, there is definitely a dark sude to being and activator…like you, i am striving to “just be” also.

    Starr, on behalf of the male species, i accept your props. 🙂

  3. I don’t know either one of you, but that story is hilarious. Great post! I so appreciate your honesty on this blog Cindy. Very inspiring! I came by way of Robin’s blog(Storch that is).

    I married to a music man too:)

  4. If I wasn’t holding my youngest against my chest right now, I’d BURST OUT LAUGHING!!!!! HAHA!!

    This was awesome! And hilarious!! Love it! 😆

  5. Hi, I am Theresa.

    I am the crazy lady from California that is invading your house soon. I don’t have a guitar and my laundry won’t be dirty ’til I wear it. Maybe you can help me figure out how to be self hosted. 🙂

    Looking forward to meeting you….That is unless you ditch me again and run to AZ. LOL

  6. i find it quite funny that you were the one with all the intentions, being the activator and all, then you had your friend drive you! did he know he was gonna be an activator that day too?? 😉


    who am i? i just wrote about that, sort of, today. im the dreamer, the vision caster – that person who delegates to more capable, efficient people. im learning how to embrace that…finally.

    oh. and Hi Chris! nice to meet you

  7. Tabitha and Tam,
    I need to clarify a few things. I had very poor social skills back then. free laundry was something too tempting to not fit in to my little trip and i just couldn’t pass it up. As far as the car thing. i had an 84 dodge duster that was totally broken and i was actually still riding my ex-girlfriends scooter to classes (i know…issues). Jim, the guy that led me to Christ had a brand new Hyundai Excel that he bought (new) for $4995. oh my that was a crappy car and he wasn’t that thrilled at driving me, however he couldn’t resist the determined look in my eye to take this relationship on the fast track.

    Theresa, looks like i’m only having to go to PHX for a week instead of a month so I should be home when you come….good times!

  8. I’m not gonna lie Chris…you married WAY UP!!! 😉
    But I’m glad you did and excited to hear what you have to share.

    I’m just me…learning a little more each day and Praising God He uses a silly little girl like me.

  9. oh, one more thing…no, 2 more things…

    1. in the coming days, we will get into some deeper things. looking forward to all of us exploring the redemption of God through a different lens.

    2. I do not fully utilize my spell check nor do i really understand how to use commas or any other punctuation for that matter.

    Please try not to compare me with my grammatically flawless wife. okay…good things.

  10. I am an empowerer and equipper. I love helping people learn how to do things and providing the time and resources they need to do them.

    I also love writing.

    In a nutshell, I currently define myself on the blogosphere as either:

    ~Luke Holzmann
    Your Media Production Mentor
    or Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father


    Glad to get to know you a bit more.


  11. I’m the opposite of an activator, I am a procrastinator, but Cindy loves me anyways.

    I so love that you are joining her. This will be so much fun and great insight from the both of you.

    I can’t wait.

  12. WooHoo!! Only other author that I wanted to see on here.

    I would say that I’m a thinker. This is a good compliment to my “activator” husband, we help fill in the gaps in each others plans or lack there of.

    Miss you guys!!

  13. YAY! The other amazing Beall! 😉 Glad to hear from you!

    Who am I? The brain-stormer. I don’t always follow through on all my crazy schemes and ideas, but I do like thinking them up!

  14. Chris, I loved the post man.

    You got some serious stones to take the dirty laundry to the girlfriends house for your first meeting. I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same if found in that position 🙂

    Looking foward to growing in friendship with you bro.

    In His rockin’ love

  15. Oh…who am I? Forgot to answer the question

    Totally Scattered
    Super Passionate (to a fault at times)
    A Hugger
    I have trouble taking things seriously
    I care if my friends are “off” and I am not afraid to ask “what is wrong” when they seem off


  16. So, hubby posts once and blows your comment counts out of the water. huh.

    ( of course he posted like 6 follow up comments himself, and I think he got Chad to double post too…sounds like something a husband who is jealous of his wife’s twitter count would do…)



  17. Oh my. I don’t know which fits my personal definition of transparency better. The post or the pic. I was disappointed to read in the comments that Cindy chose it for you.
    Seriously that pic is worthy. (grin)

  18. I don’t know what the choices are in “Who are you” but I’ll go with “Chocolate Cake Enthusiast” for lack of anything better.

    Welcome to the tri-dub Mr. Beall. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? 🙂

  19. Isn’t there something to be said about a man completing his wife? I married my man cus he makes me laugh …. some men are really better at it than others. Comes natural.

    Still wondering if it was naitive or guts with the laundry and the visit ….. ? Regardless, the recounting is good value. High five.

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