The Sunrise After The Storm

Have you ever gone outside right after a tornado has passed?  Living in Tornado Alley most of my life has allowed me to.  While I’ve yet to actually be in a tornado, they have skirted passed me on many occasions.   After a tornado has cleared it’s path, there is much devastation left behind.  Shredded homes, shattered windows, murdered livestock, and even asphalt being torn from the ground, if the severity of the storm is an F-5, are some of the results.  But, another effect of such a tumultuous storm is the beauty you’ll see afterward. The skies of blue.  The gentle breeze.  The dry air.   It’s absolutely some of the most beautiful weather you’ll ever find.  And it comes right after the storm. I’d like to introduce you to The Noreaster, or Nor, as I like to call him.  During month of January, Nor has asked many of his readers to share their stories.  Stories that will prove to encourage your faith as you hear how they have impacted the lives of many.      Today, I am sharing Chris’ and my story with his readers. I pray you are blessed beyond anything you can measure as you read about the hope we have in the One, True God…the Great I Am…the Creator of the universe. Check it out.  

5 thoughts on “The Sunrise After The Storm”

  1. I just read your story on Nor’s blog, and followed it here. I am… I don’t know how to say it. I’m not surprised that this happens to people, as I’ve seen it and know it’s more prevalent than I ever used to think. I’m not surprised at God’s restoration, because I’ve always known that He can do it… that sometimes all He is waiting on is a person willing to go through anything for Him. I am joyous to meet one of those people, too.

    But what filled my heart has more to do with a revelation that God gave me recently about why committed, submitted, and strong Christians sometimes have awful things happen to them. The answer was a little different than yours, yet the same.

    And then God turned the revelation on me and asked me if I was willing to be used in that way. I discovered that I could not say “no” to my God and Savior.

    Have I gone through anything as difficult as you did? No. Will I? I don’t know, and part of me hopes that all God wanted to know was if I was willing. But it blesses me to know another Christian who walked this path ahead of me, and brought glory to God.

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