The Sky, It Is Big

It was September, 2001. Despite the fact that our nation had just experienced its worst terrorist attack just a couple of weeks earlier, Chris, Noah and I were embarking upon a new, exciting journey.  We were on our way to interview for a worship leader role at At the time there were only two campuses:  Oklahoma City and Edmond. Or for those long time Lifers, the West and the East. We left Tennessee and crossed into Arkansas via Interstate 40.  We’d never taken that route to Oklahoma so were taking in the scenery as we drove.  The eastern part of Arkansas has some hills.  I won’t dare call them mountains because my Colorado friends would just laugh, but really, we Texans think they are. The mile marker signs were indicating that we were getting closer and closer to the Oklahoma state line.  Not quite sure what to expect when we drove into Oklahoma, we anticipated something.  Maybe what we were expecting was a new start. One particular hill that we drove up proved to showcase an incredible sight.  We were given new eyes to see this sight that we’d seen our entire lives.  And without giving any thought to his words, my husband said, “I forgot how big the sky was.” We’d spent four years ministering in Memphis, Tennessee.  And if you are familiar with that part of the country you know how beautiful it is.  The trees are taller and the landscaping is lush.  We loved our surroundings there.  But, we didn’t see the sky much because we were nestled in all of the trees.
In the beginning God created the sky and the earth. Genesis 1:1
I wonder how many of you have forgotten how big the sky is.  Actually, maybe what you and I need to remember is how big our God is.  The sky, it is big.  But, it sits in the palm of our God…our creator. Think on that for a while and give Him praise. Praise due His name.

7 thoughts on “The Sky, It Is Big”

  1. “the sky is big” and so is our very loving God. Thank you for the gentle reminder that really…….our God can do anything.
    good thought, good coffee, good morning!

  2. I needed this reminder today. In my simple minded though process I tend to lose faith and believe that God can’t heal the tragedy and heartache in my life. He IS big…and with Him, ALL things are possible. As big as that sky is, and as much as His eye is on the sparrow, WE are His children, and His love for us goes WAY beyond all other things. I needed this reminder.

  3. By the way – I’m really glad you are back…last week without you every morning was a LONG week!!! 🙂

  4. “Actually, maybe what you and I need to remember is how big our God is.”

    My husband is on his way home to me. We are on the way to healing. But, there are mountains in our path, and hurdles that we must get over. I got overwhelmed last night, and quesitoned it all. But, I need to remember this line. Our God is HUGE. Bigger than we can imagine. He created everything that we have, seen and the unseen. With him – EVERYTHING is possible. Not just the small things.

    Excellent reminder for the day.

  5. Cindy,

    Great post! I am originally from Texas, so every time we drive home from Wisconsin, I cannot wait to get into Oklahoma to see the “sky”. Then the entire visit in Texas or Tulsa (my dad’s family) my wife and I talk about the sky and how beautiful it is in the south.

    The comparison to how Big God is really brings home the fact that when we do not see something for a while, we loose the ability to comprehend it.

  6. I live on the Canadian Prairies in Saskatchewan…our Province is know the land of the living Skies. Thanks for the reminder of our awesome and big our God is.


  7. I went to college downtown Chicago. THe most I could see of the sky was a teeny tiny speck. I would crane my neck out the window just to get a glimpse of it. I really do appreciate the sky now. 🙂

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