The Real Me

I don’t know why I love to write so much. Maybe it’s because I can polish myself up quite a bit before hitting send or publish.  I can use my trusty online thesaurus and find a fancier word for the word trip or great.  Because if I find that fancier word I might just impress some of my readers. But I won’t impress all of you. Because just the other day my mother corrected me when I said bruncheon.  Cindy, she said, it’s brunch.  She is probably sitting in her comfortable, new, red, leather La-Z-Boy recliner still laughing. There’s the time when I stood in front of a crowded auditorium somewhere in Frisco, Texas, back when I was a mere 5 years old in my fuchsia leotard and white tutu.  I missed each and every part of the tap routine and decided to cover my eyes hoping that meant that others weren’t noticing the tallest girl up there smack dab in the center. For those who’ve spent any time around me, they know I snort.  Hello, my name is Cindy and I snort.  I don’t know why I snort.  I don’t want to snort.  My dad did it and I guess that’s why I do it.  It’s gross and embarrassing, but I still snort. But somehow on this blog, you don’t know that I say bruncheon or that I acted a fool on a stage some 33 years ago or that I snort several times a day, if not an hour.  Sure I throw out an alla y’all or a holla just to keep people guessing, but I still want my momma to believe that the college education she paid for at least did something. But really, I’m still just Cindy.  CindyMo.  Cmo.  The tall girl from Georgetown, Texas, who was always a foot taller than everyone else.  The woman who says things she shouldn’t and acts in ways that can be considered unbecoming.  And I’m okay with that. Nice to meet you.

19 thoughts on “The Real Me”

  1. Hi Cindy…nice to meet you…are we related anyhow?…something about your mannerisms ring true for mine …except of course I guess am not as tall as you

  2. Nice to meet you too Cindy! This is a great post, I was just having this conversation with my Ladies LG last night, why do I try so hard to impress my friends? Why do I work myself into a frenzy on cleaning before they get there? I should know better by now, God put these people in my life to give us relationships, not competion on the cleanest bathroom. I’m working on it! Because He’s still working on me!
    I snort too btw! When I laugh – hard, I can’t help it. It usually makes other people laugh!
    Your qualities in that regard make you who you are! Don’t go changin’!

  3. And here I thought blogging instantly made you cool and respectable…

    So much for that idea. Back to the drawing board: Way’s to make Luke an instantly cool and respectable person… hmm… [smile]


  4. Can you imagine? Someone actually talking about how they look and act in RL compared to their ultra-cool, yeah, you know you like me, online persona? Who does that? Oh wait….uhm, OK maybe doing it a few times actually adds to one’s ultra-online-coolness? It could happen. I wanna be jimmy from the block! Is that too gay? (grin)

  5. Well miss Cindy…I never would have known all that!?!?! JK… I love your snorting, I love your giant self and somehow when I stand with you I don’t feel quite as small…CLEARLY I am SEVERAL feet shorter than you, but in your presence I don’t feel it. You are wonderful and incredibly gifted!

  6. If I told you about my educational background, you might be impressed. If I spoke of my pre-child career, you might say, “Cool.” If I told you that I saw a picture of my friends in front of the Twin Towers and said, “Did you guys take that before 9/11 or after?”, it would completely erase every auspicious notion you previously had about me.

    Yep, there it is, girl. Make you feel better? 🙂

  7. I write like I have a dictionary glued to my hand. I’ve tried to write more “elementary”, but I don’t seem to know how! I admire those who write like they’re just talking with you. Maybe I can learn. Or maybe there is an audience for me too. I don’t know.

    Maybe I’ll camp here a while and pay attention.

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