The Promise Of A Five-Year Old

He told me he’d never leave me tonight. IMG_2089 His clean, little boy body was lying on my bed all cuddled up underneath a blanket.  As soon as it was time to brush his teeth for the night, he jumped up and wrapped his 40-inch frame around my waist.  He always wants me to carry him and almost always I give him the mommy has a bad back speech in order to fore go adding an extra 42 pounds to my knees. But not tonight. I could hardly resist the smell of his hair, the way his soft skin felt when he rubbed his cheek against mine.  Declaring my love for him and squeezing him a little too tight, I held on for dear life.  And that’s when he said it. “I wuv you, mom.  You’re my best girl.  I will never leave you,” came his little promise. My heart nearly came out of my chest and I am certain I begged God to allow this moment to last a lifetime.  It was in that instant that I regretted wishing away all of those terrible two-year old days.  I’m at the four months to go till he turns six phase and hope that each day creeps along.  I want to drink him in and love on him and cherish him and laugh with and at him. I put him down on the floor, squeezed his little boy toothpaste onto his toothbrush and helped him remove the days worth of plaque from his pearly whites.  As I did, I told him that he never had to leave and that in fact, I hope that he would stay with me forever.  I even suggested that he could live upstairs for the rest of his life if he wanted to. He wants to 🙂 I wonder what his father will think.  But then again, the sad part of me knows that I’ll probably never have to worry about that.

12 thoughts on “The Promise Of A Five-Year Old”

  1. Girl, you know those boys are so sweet! My Jordan, who is 11y/o, will come up often and says he loves me! Can’t get enough of that sweet son love! enjoy it…every moment

  2. oh my…..maybe it’s my emotions since I’m pregnant but that made me cry….I can’t wait to see my little 4 year old boy and i pray that God will allow me to embrace all the frustrating moments so I can cherrish all the good ones…..and with another one one the way…..I know that I am so blessed.

    I’m not kidding….my eyes are pouring….my jaw is hurting from the overwhelming emotions this gave me.

    Thank you so much Cindy.

  3. It reminds me of my 4 year son who can cause me so much frustratiion at times. Yet it can all be erased with a hug, kiss, smile or just saying “Mom you’re the best!” I thank God and I am reminded of why I am blessed to be a Parent.

  4. it’s hard being the mother of a wonderful 17 year old and reading blogs like this, too! i still remember when my son at about that age told me he would never leave & that we would get married when he grew up. i’m pretty sure he’s had second thoughts about that one! 🙂

    tissue, please.

  5. …I read this at the end of one of those challenging 3-year-old days when I found myself looking ahead to the years of not-so-hands-on-at-every-moment phases… and you’ve made me pause instead, soaking up my today. Thanks.

  6. Moments are fleeting – cherish them all. As my once 5 year old turns 40 this year I find this STILL touches and reminds me of those times. Cindy as a wordsmith I hope you have the opportunity to collect all those and publish them sometime. That’s what I’m doing right now, collecting all the 40 years of ‘special moments’ and digitally creating a “Moments I wouldn’t give up” hard bound book as my mom to daughter gift this year. My daughter used to surprise us with a menu at the door when her dad & I returned from shopping and she and her brother would then seat us in the dining room and serve us (spaghetti or jam and PB sandwiches)…I found those menus and they’ll be in the book for sure. Isn’t it wonderful we’re blessed with ‘Connect the dots moments and memories’. May you have a precious Christmas and many more wonderful memories to savour..

  7. Aww, Man, My hormonal pregnant self is boo hooing right now! Real tears!!
    Our 4yr old also says that she is going to stay with us FOEVER, she never wants to grow up, never move out and NEVER marry anyone except her prince, her daddy! Oh if it all could be true!

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