The Power Of A Mother

He too walked in the ways of the house of Ahab, for his mother encouraged him in doing wrong. 2 Chronicles 22:3
I can’t help but be blown away by this simple verse tucked in this chapter. This passage is referring to Ahaziah, King of Judah.  As I’ve been reading through 1 & 2 Kings and 1 & 2 Chronicles, I have come across good kings and bad kings. Ahaziah was a bad king.  And his mother encouraged him in doing wrong. What? That just baffles me.  I mean, seriously, y’all.  I can’t imagine encouraging my children in doing something wrong.  But that’s just me.  Call me crazy. I am challenged even more as a mom to make sure my influence over the lives of these little boys, ahem, young men is bar none.  Which basically means that I’ll be conversing with my Heavenly Father quite a bit more on behalf of their little hearts, minds and spirits. Join me.

4 thoughts on “The Power Of A Mother”

  1. There are so many mothers that honestly think they are supporting their sons and are doing right by them, but are in fact enabling them to continue on the wrong road (ie…giving them money when they won’t work and they spend it on drugs – a recent issue we’ve faced in our extended family). When we get to a time where we have to show “tough love”, they may act like they hate us, but in the end it is for the best that we stand firm in our Foundation, even if they walk out. We do have a powerful influence over our children….let’s pray that we are the godly influence at all times.

    I had never paid attention to this verse before. Guess I didn’t want to see it. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Having been a teen mom, it was hard leading by example. I was still growing up while teaching her how to grow up. It was easy to be influenced by my choices because I am her mom. So I had to mature quickly and learn more about God before most of my “friends”. I wasn’t a saint but I knew she was watching so I had to be careful. So if Ahaziah’s mom had any maturity in Christ I think she would’ve done better!

  3. I wonder how she did it… Did she indulge him? Did she encourage his selfish behavior? Did she outright encourage him to kill, steal, lie?

    And then I wonder if I have ever encouraged, by omission or by indifference, my sons to indulge their sinful natures….

    Lord forgive me if I have….

  4. As a mom of 3 boys (16, 14, 5) I’ve realized the “bad” influences I have had on my older ones- attitude, how to handle stress, etc and I’m truly sorry to say that I realize “I DID THAT” Now, trying to teach them that mommy’s way was wrong is a challenge, but my 5 year old- I know I will not make the same mistakes. As a mom, we have to realize that our kids are watching our every move, every word, etc. I just pray that GOD, as awesome has He is , will turn the wrong I did into Good.

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