Was She Like Her Name?

Her name was Ollie Independence Crowe. And I have no idea what she was like except for the picture that my mother has of her.  I wonder if she was different than the other women in her time.  If, indeed, the name given to her by my great, great grandparents did make her somewhat self-sufficient.  A woman with gumption, if you will. She raised four children with my great grandfather, the youngest being my mother’s daddy.  I imagine she was a creative lady.  I mean, who else would name their first daughter Nannie Hortense. I know, right? But, nonetheless, she was quite a proper woman.  And religious, too.  My mom and her sister, Betty Lois, still remember being dragged invited to revival at the church where Ninnaw attended.  Maybe she thought taking them to hear the gospel twice a day for a week would burn Jesus into their little souls. I would have liked to have known her.  To sit at her bedside listening to whatever she wanted to say.  Her advice, her complaints, whatever she wanted to say. Why? Because she was Ollie Indepdence Crowe and she was my great grandmother. That’s why.

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  1. Her name was Marie Fredericka Beck. She was my grandmother. She was around 9 years old when her parents decided to go their separate ways about 95 years ago and, literally, in turn, orphan her and her six siblings. She was forced to quit elementary school to get a job to support and take care of her brothers and sisters who were eventually farmed out to relatives. Somehow I think she and Ollie Independence Crowe would have been friends. And somehow, I think it explains why their descendants have become fast friends online. They passed on to us a tenacity and a legacy that only women named Ollie Independence and Marie Fredericka could. 🙂 Love you, girl. Thanks for sharing. I’ll think of my own Nana with fondness all day today because of you.

  2. Now, there’s a name to put on the list of baby names. I’ll put it right up there with “Arizona.”

    My BigMama was raised by her two eldest siblings. Gotta love and admire that generation.

  3. Amazing. My great grandmother was Ruth. I wanted to name Naomi Ruth but Chad didn’t like it. I think I should have held out.

    got the next best thing, I think.

    I think names are VERY important.

    love you.

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