The Most Important Five Percent

I just finished reading Leading on Empty by Wayne Cordeiro, who is also the author of The Divine Mentor. In his book he mentioned something that struck a chord in me.  He writes:
Eighty-five percent of what we do, anyone can do:  checking email, answering messages, attending meetings, reading the newspaper or trade journals, and making simple decisions….Ten percent of what we do, someone with a modicum of training should be able to accomplish…But five percent of what I do, only I can do!  This is the most important 5% for me!  I can’t delegate these initiatives to anyone else.  I can’t hire someone else to take my place in any of these activities because they require that I be there!  This 5% will determine the validity of the other 95%.
As I have been on a bit of a break this summer, I have been maximizing my time with my family and close friends as well as getting lots of rest.  But, I am realizing that I must maintain focus on the most important things in my life all year long…not just in the summer. I sat down and decided to make my own list of my top 5%:
1.  A growing relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 2.  A healthy, honoring and honest relationship with my husband, Chris. 3.  A parenting relationship with my sons that is based on authenticity, vulnerability and sacrifice. 4.  Maintaining and growing the relationships I have with my extended family and my inner circle of friends. 5.  Being physically healthy, whole and free. 6.  Encouraging and life-giving ministry to couples.
This is the order the list should be in.  In all honesty, it often isn’t.  Those closest to me often get the leftovers from me because I’m so busy doing what I think is the most important thing.  But if I’ve learned anything in our 15+ years of full-time ministry it’s this:  If I don’t keep things in the right order, then my ministry to others is anything but honest and authentic. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some young boys who want their momma to build Legos with them.  And you have no idea how awesome the spaceship is that I can build.

4 thoughts on “The Most Important Five Percent”

  1. Thank you for these words. This fall I’m entering into a new season of life… 2/3 of my children will be in school and so I’ve been adding a couple things to my plate and I’ve been rolling them around in my head trying to get it all tinkered together… well, let’s just say thank for reminding me of the focus… and providing a little clarity… Enjoy the spaceship…

  2. Your reminder of our focus and the order they should be in is appreciated! You always speak to me in special ways!! I wish someday I could meet you face to face!!

  3. andy stanley talks about how i do best that which only i can do. same principle.

    lately i’ve been reminded often of this need to focus. i’m wondering what that means for me right now in this season i find myself in.

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