The Great Handyman

It was 1994 and we had just moved to San Antonio, Texas. (Go Spurs!) We were anxiously trying to find a church. We found one. Within a couple of months, we started serving in both the youth and music ministries there. That’s when we met Steve Troxel, his wife, Sherry, and their children. We became rather close to their entire family because their children were teenagers. Not only that, but Chris and I led worship every other week while Steve and his team led the opposite weeks. Steve and Chris can both lead a mean Jehovah Jireh. Don’t even get them started on Hear O Israel. Someone give the Lord a clap offering. For the last 11 1/2 years, Steve has been ministering through his website, God’s Daily Word. He writes daily devotionals and sends them out to those who’ve subscribed to them. Currently, he has over 28,000 people on his list. It’s quite remarkable. Years ago, one of his devotionals impacted me deeply. So much so that I wrote it down in my lovely cursive handwriting. And after nearly three moves, I still have it. Now that’s somethin’. Here is part of the message he wrote:
As we open our life to God’s teaching, we must allow Him to instruct us using the tools of his choice. His lessons are often taught using the most unlikely messengers and through the worst of circumstances; but His lessons always contain a lasting sweetness when they are property learned.
I just love that. Tell me, do you let God choose the tools to teach you?

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  1. What a sweet word… thank you for that! I’m so raw right now that it went straight to my heart. Yes! I try to always allow God to use the tools of his choice. It is painful… but worth it.

  2. Do I have a choice to let him choose the tool or not? Seems like He ALWAYS gets to pick. I wouldn’t pick a tool. Nah, I pick a manicure, or a spa, you know something easy to teach me a lesson. I guess that’s why he’s God and I’m not. (Hey, that sounds like a good title for a blog!)

  3. A word aptly spoken.

    I’m coming to terms with being unexpectedly expecting again (at 40!), facing a LOT of selfishness (I don’t WANT to get up every two hours around the clock) and fears (I’m not doing such a bang-up job with the kids I already HAVE), and more fears (two of our four have disabilities ~ will this one be okay?). I understand that the goal of God’s activity in my life is absolutely NOT my comfort or happiness, but His own glory and my transformation into the likeness of His Son, who learned obedience through suffering.

    I’m ashamed to say that I’m having to work at wanting to want this child, who was known in the mind of God before the foundations of the earth, is fearfully and wonderfully made, is a heritage and a blessing, and is God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to walk in the good works prepared in advance for him or her to do. Thank you for the timely reminder. I think I’ll write it in my own lovely cursive handwriting.

  4. This is great Cindy. I’m still learning….

    And Dana (I’m replying to a comment on YOUR blog–sorry Cindy)….I understand your fears! I experienced ALL the feelings you’re having when I was unexpectedly pregnant with my 4th (and we now have 7! LOL) My last pregnancy was at 39. BTW, #4 for us was Anna. See her comment above and her blog. God is going to bless your socks off! It’s going to be tough, but GREAT! I’m praying for you!

  5. Wow, isn’t that difficult? Yes, can He teach me through a angry encounter or a flat tire, or a screaming toddler or a napless afternoon? Do I recognize it in the middle or even ever??? That is the big thing, I guess: realizing that sharp tools cut the best.

  6. I don’t know if I am good at letting God use His tools to teach me. Rather after the fact and lessons learned (from seeing Gods hand) from my own doings. Make sense? I am working on it….

  7. I am learning over and over again that God’s tools are definitely not the tools that I would choose…but always the perfect tool for this broken vessel! He brings situations, experiences, people into my life to mold me and make me into the woman that He created me to be. Most of the times it is a painful process because I am a sinful, selfish, stubborn child…but He continues to love me and never gives up on me…PRAISE JESUS! Thank you once again Cindy for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you to speak to me…up here in Ohio!

  8. Oh WOW do I have memories of those songs! I was saved at 15 in 1993 and I thought those songs were Some. Kind. Of. Awesome. Great post.

  9. I’ll slap out an AMEN on that one.

    Yikes I am so bad at letting Him use what He wants to use…I keep telling Him “but I can do this, or I can do that – you’ve gifted me for this or that” and yet…he leaves me in a silent stupor, wallowing in my own nothingness and realizations that I truly don’t want anything unless it comes from His hand, unless it is blessed by His word and unless it brings glory to Him.

    That was a good written reminder to put some black and white to what I know I need to hold on to.


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