The Facebook And I Are Becoming Friends

Although, I sure could use some lessons because people keep putting up walls between us and such and I find that incredibly close-minded. I know that I’m like way, way, way behind the times since I just opened my Facebook account less than 24 hours ago, but I do have a blog.  That has to count for something. No? My bad. Anyway, we can be friends.  I know how to find people I graduated with, people in my address book and people who live in my area, but other than that you’ll have to find me. And I have no idea how to tell you how to do it. See?  Lessons.  I need lessons. G’day.

16 thoughts on “The Facebook And I Are Becoming Friends”

  1. Yeah! I was this and have already asked you to be my “friend”. Love facebook! It has been a huge tool this week w/ the accident!

  2. I’m so glad you are facebooking now!!
    You are with the elite. Your pictures are awesome.


    for me is trial and error. (I need some official lessons too)

  3. I love my facebook, but for some reason I am having a hard time adding people that I haven’t actually met in person, or that I know someone who knows them (does that make sense?)

    I feel like I know you because I read your blog all the time, but I feel like an ant in your big world of readers and commenters… in my low self-esteem I think you wouldn’t want to be bothered by me

    it is also a security issues… I am nervous about who I let see my stuff. I even have a different email on my blog comments than I use for my day to day emails.
    I’m weird, i know…

  4. hahaha! I only just now read this, after requesting you as a friend. Oh dear. ha!! Today I just decided to scan my email addresses again since it’s been awhile and you popped up. 😉

    Be careful. It’ll suck you in and spit you out dazed, confused, and tired with a messy house and loads of laundry.

    Not that I would know.

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