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The Effect Of Music

I love music.  What it does to me.  How it makes me feel. Music is in me.  It’s deep in my soul.  It always has been.  My momma will tell you that I would lie in bed at night and sing myself to sleep before I ever said any words. We may call music “Christian” or “secular” but, music isn’t Christian or secular.  Music is music.  It’s the lyrics that make a song Christian or secular. There have been times when a soft, secular song has caused me to reflect on my God in a major way.  Like, Celene Dion’s Because You Loved Me.  And other times, I’ve heard a Christian song that seemed a little disjointed because of an odd beat or lyrics that seemed a little corny. That certainly didn’t draw me closer to my Heavenly Daddy. Just being honest. Slow music makes you cuddle a little closer with the one you love, only remembering the amazing times you’ve had and forgetting the awful fights.  And maybe that’s the way it should be.  I mean, after all, you see pictures in photo albums of people who are usually smiling.  You don’t see all the in-between times of sadness, anger and heartache that it took to get to the smiling pictures. Energetic music, sometimes despite the words, makes you a little bit more on the hyper side.  You want to roll the windows down on a summer day and blare it for all to hear.  You may decide it’s a day to go by Sonic and get a drink to celebrate your sense of freedom, but only if it’s during Happy Hour. And especially if Prince’s 1999 is playing. Now, who doesn’t like Prince’s 1999? Just thinking out loud…

6 thoughts on “The Effect Of Music”

  1. I like your out loud thoughts Cindy. I feel the same as you do about music.

    My mother didn’t care much for my singing as a child. She always told me to shut up. She was such a curmudgeon. I never heard her sing!

    Happy Good Friday!

  2. I will always remember you singing that “It is Ladies Night”.
    Good Memories!

    By the way you do sing beeeaaaaauutiiifuuulllyyyy!!!!

  3. I love to sing (even though my son constantly asks me to stop) and I still love to party like it’s 1999! But one of my favorite “secular” songs that brings me closer to my Father is the song “When You Say Nothing at All” that is on the Notting Hill soundtrack.

  4. Is that the same song sung by Allison Krauss?? I love that song too. Music is how I express my feelings and sort through things. I’d be very sad without my music! My favorite Christian Singer is Nicole Nordaman. I love her lyrics. I also love The living Years by Mike and the Mechanics. I love those words! Say it loud, say it clear.

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