The Devil Made Me Do It

People watching is a hobby of mine. Don’t let that stir a panic in you.  I’m not a weirdo or a stalker.  I just enjoy the human race.  What they say, what they don’t say, the color of their eyes, the length of their hair, how confident they are by the way they carry themselves, how nervous they are because they lack said confidence. Not only do I like do sit and watch, I also like to sit and listen.  I’ve grown a lot in my 30’s.  So much so that instead of monopolizing a conversation, I actually enjoy listening to others more.  No matter their age, demographic or intellect.  I believe I can learn something from everyone…good or bad.  In all of this, one of the things that I’ve learned about people is that some people are broken and some people are not.  Allow me to unpack this for you. Broken people don’t focus on the sins and issues of others.  No, they are so aware of their need for a Savior that they work on themselves.  Broken people don’t demand their rights.  No, they often lay them down.  Broken people don’t dodge responsibility for their actions.  No, they are fully willing to accept the consequences of their sin. I’ve heard more stories than I care to relate to you about people who can’t or won’t take responsibility for what they’ve done.  They play the blame game and run like h*** until they are far from the situation.  If you’ve fallen into sin, own it.  Even if you feel like you did something because of someone or because that someone didn’t meet your needs. Newsflash:  You sinned.  You made the choice to sin.  You need to make it right.  No matter what anyone else did first.  You are still responsible for you! Period. Any questions?

7 thoughts on “The Devil Made Me Do It”

  1. Maybe it’s just me but I would always choose (if given a choice) to be around “broken” people. They rarely are looking for you to fail but are gracious about your faults. Broken people= good

  2. If this doesn’t hit home today – I dont’ know what will. I am broken – and freely admit it. I can’t do it on my own – this I freely admit also.

  3. Another magnificent post, Cindy. There’s so much here to comment on it’s hard to pick just one.

    I have been amused when people lay blame on the enemy of their souls for some of the bad things which fill their lives. Jonah had a problem with “self-invited” trouble. It overtook him, and he had to deal with its consequences. People blame the devil for their poor health when they shouldn’t have “eaten that 4th pork chop and fifth piece of cake.” We are often our own worst enemies.

    Being broken is not necessarily a bad thing. There is a wonderful book entitled Broken in the Right Place by Alan E. Nelson that addresses this issue. Excellent book BTW.

    If you have time, you might be interested in a post I wrote recently called A Dangerous Question – Does Satan Exist?. I believe he does and we give him way too much power.

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