The Day My World Stood Still

On April 6, 2009, halfway around the world in Coppito, Italy, thousands were devastated by an earthquake.  Their world stood still that day. I cleaned my house. On December 26, 2004, hundreds of thousands of lives were lost when an Indian Ocean Tsunami made its way upon land.  Their world stood still that day. I was at the mall trying to catch some after Christmas deals. On September 11, 2001, several airplanes controlled by lunatics made sure that an airport runway wasn’t their destination.  Instead, they chose buildings in New York City and Washington, D.C., and a Pennsylvania field.  Thousands of lives were forever changed.  Their world stood still that day. I was dropping off my son to Mother’s Day Out and going to a meeting at my church to plan the next several church services. The three aforementioned instances are rather disheartening.  Most of our world knows about these.  And while we were saddened by the news, most of us went about our merry way. Everyday, in the lives of normal people who are not captured on national television, random acts disrupt and devastate plenty.  It could be the loss of a family member or the news that no one wants to hear.  Whatever it is, whether great or small in the eyes of the world, it’s enough to stop your own. Learning that my Daddy had cancer on July 25, 1989.  Hearing the news that my Daddy died on March 21, 1990.  Finding out that my four cousins had died in the Jarrell, Texas tornado on May 27, 1997.  My husband’s confession of infidelity on February 19, 2002. Those were the days my world stood still. Ever had a day where it happened to you?

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  1. September 1, 2008 – My world changed forever. But what the enemy meant to destroy, God is redeeming.

  2. June 10, 2000, Kaiser had asked me to abort my NOW 8 year old son because He was going to have birth effects.

    October 16, 2006- my 40th birthday and the day that my mom was diagnosed with cancer.

    April 16th 1989, the day my husband proposed to me 🙂

  3. Feb 6, 1986 – when I was raped

    April 19, 1995 – Murrah Bldg bombing – I had grown up running around in that building because my mom worked for HUD, but not at the time of the bombing. We knew many, many people who died.

  4. July 4, 1983-my hero, my grandfather, the man raising me, died of a sudden heart attack at the age of 64. My world has never turned the same since that day.

  5. Summer of 1979 – Molested by my Uncle while staying that summer with him and my Aunt. 30 years later – I’m finally allowing God to begin the healing.

  6. Your February 19, 2002, is my September 29, 2008. Sometimes I wonder if my world will ever start turning again. One day at a time, I guess. Thanks for keeping me sensitive to others whose worlds are coming to a screeching halt at this very moment so that I can cover them in prayer. Love…

  7. March, 2003. My oldest son was 50 miles south of Baghdad on the verge of war and I was a wreck. I did not eat or sleep for 10 days for fear I’d never see my boy again…truly a mom’s worst nightmare.

    BUT GOD. (Don’tcha love those 2 words?) In the midst of worship, God calmed the storm in my heart and gave me peace which lasted the entire 15 months my boy was “over there”.

    I wrote an article about this which was published in the Feb. 2008 issue of P31 Woman magazine.

  8. I wish I could hug and pray with each one of you!!! My eyes are full of tears. I love what Yvonne wrote. “What Satan intended for destruction, Gos is redeeming.” Those words are written on my heart, too.

  9. Julie–
    I can’t quit thinking about your story. You must have been completly undone. I am sitting here with my four year old boy knwing that one day I will turn him loose on the world. Scares me to death. I am so glad you wrote an article for other women in your position. What a blessing to have encouragement in the darkest times.

    Blessings sweet friend.

  10. June 25, 1995- My Father passed away.

    October 10, 1995- Had a loaded gun held to my head with my 3 month old daughter in my arms.

    The Lord has blessed me beyond anything that I could imagine. I am so thankful for what I have with Him!

  11. Sept 20 2007, betrayed by the love of my life…still a long mountainy road ahead, but still learning and trying to give it all to HIM and let it take us where HE wills it to.

  12. Feb. 4, 2009 – My dad left my mom after 37 years of marriage. And I’m still trying to understand why.

  13. March 27 2009- My husband told me about his affair seven months earlier.

    My world still hasn’t begun spinning correctly because the very next morning he said he didn’t know if he wanted to be with me anymore. I am still waiting for an answer and hoping he will choose me.

  14. Mine is the opposite. The day my world stood still while everyone elses kept moving was each time my children were born. In the hospital you have time away from the world and everything revoles around you and the baby, then life as you knew it changes forver. In this case however I love those feelings. The other times when a death has occured I dont feel like the world has stopped but that I am WAY behind struggling to keep up..living in thickness that is slowing me down. thank you for reminding us we are all on different pages and need different prayers and support.

  15. As TheNorEaster puts it, “far, far too many times.” But, one of the things I’ve learned in the past 7 months, is that when I have another “world stopped turning for me day”, I just call out to God – and He’s not far behind picking me up, and carrying me through.

  16. August 29-30, 2005 Hurricane Katrina, losing a house you grew up in along with the memories our world stood still.

    January 4, 2009.

  17. March 25, 2006—the day my husband was given deplyment orders to Iraq

    May 13, 2006—the day my mom was diagnosed with Stage III Cancer

    September 21,2006—the day I watched my husband leave for Iraq and my kids hearts break

    February 14, 2007–mom’s cancer GONE

    September 28, 2007—seeing my husband get off that bus and walk back into our lives

    November 11, 2009–husband admitted infidelity and heard the news that he had an incurable STD and I did not have it

  18. October 4, 1965 – The day I was told my husband had died in Vietnam. That was the first day of many struggles.

    October 5, 1965 – My first child was born and the fog was still so great I didn’t have the joy that I should have had.

    September 11, 2001 – When the 2nd plane hit the tower I felt the same loss of breath as in 1965. It lasted for days.

    Our pains are only small examples of what our Lord suffered for us.

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