The Dark Room


Food for thought:

Faith is like film. It’s usually best developed in the dark.

In the days to come, I plan to share with you the darkest valley I ever went through. Stay tuned… Any stories from the “dark room” of your life that you’d like to share? You never know just how much someone might need to hear about your journey and the victory you claimed as yours.

11 thoughts on “The Dark Room”

  1. Yeah, I’ve got plenty….being a young mom–I was very hard on myself and my kiddos; going through a teen prenancy with my then 16 yo son, and caring for my mil 24/7 for over a year….I was really a failure at it. I could keep going…..Some of these I know I had complete victory in….others, I’m not even sure what I learned….I just made it through, and know that I’m better for it, somehow. I do know God is faithful through it all…..and in the dark places, He shines brightest!

    I’m praying for you as you share this again.

  2. I’m excited… I love your story! God is so good and He shines so GREAT through you. Can’t wait to hear even more insight into what you have learned through it all.
    And I definitely agree that our faith is developed in the dark…or at least through it.

  3. i think i’m daily reminded how my darkest of times have been when I’ve tried to live life my way, or asked God to bless my efforts instead of looking to God to see where He wants my efforts. I can also see that when dark times have been “thrust” upon me out of the blue, if my initial reaction was to seek God it turned out good…however when my initial reaction was to handle it on my own, it’s always turned out bad!

  4. Makes me think of this verse. Isaiah 45:3 “I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in the secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.”

  5. To be brutally honest, there are times that I think of my darkest days, I wonder why I put myself through them. God didn’t do it. And I’m ashamed to think He needed such a huge 2×4 to bring me back to Him. It was the classic “became a believer very young, fell away, came back” story.

    I’m glad for the passion, commitment and empathy it’s given me, but I still struggle with the idea of “being glad that I went through it.” Are we all supposed to feel that way? Is that truly a sign of spiritual maturity? I hate the idea of faking being glad for those few lost years just so I can sound spiritual.

  6. At one point in my life, I moved…away from friends and family from the place I was born. I lived in Alabama for 5 years. The first year was not good. Finding a job was nearly impossible. I had very few friends. I watched “Cold Case Files” and “Investigative Reports” on A&E almost every day. I didn’t leave my house for days and became convinced if I was murdered no one know until the neighbors complained of the fowl smell coming from my apartment (too many “Forensic Files” I guess). Then, my electricity was cut off because I couldn’t pay it. Up to this point, I may have been depressed and even wondering “WHY God? Why did you send me here??” but I wasn’t angry. I was still good. I was temping (keep in mind, I was taking any job even though, I had had a career in IT and computer support) and I took almost my entire paycheck and paid it on what I owed on the electric. They refused to turn my power back on until I paid the full amount. So I am sitting in my chilly somewhat dark apartment (it was January) and I lost it. I was so angry with God for allowing this to happen. He was suppose to take care of me. He was suppose to be my husband, my provider and protector. I felt let down. (I still feel a little let down about this). I threw a big ole fit (it was “big ole” because you normally don’t see a 30 year old laying on the ground ugly crying pounding her fist against the floor) and I told God, I need a job and I need it last week! I was offered a job the next week that I had interviewed for the week before. It was okay…no where near what I was making before but it was more than temping.

    I am still not completely sure what God was teaching me in Mobile. I found out some very ugly things about myself. While I have complete faith in God regarding my salvation, the trust is still being rebuilt when it comes to the providing part. That makes me incredibly sad…just writing this is making me tear up …

  7. My first remembered Dark Room was at the age of 18. I had emergency surgery that was supposed to be simple. The end of the 4 1/2 hour surgery left me with only 1/3 of an overy that was still diseased, a tube that was still diseased and a uterus with small fibroid tumors on it. The doctor told me 3 days later that I could never have children. All I ever wanted to be was a wife and mother. I don’t think I breathed for a moment, but when I did I told the doctor that there are a lot of children that need a family so I would just adopt. Even though 6 other doctors agreed with my doctor’s prognosis, God had other plans. I have given birth to 3 children.
    That is the first of many dark days, but the others will wait for my own blog.

  8. After becoming a Christ Follower I thought everything would be easy and that there would be no cause for pain. I though I could do life the way I had before and not suffer any consequences. I lived in sin and I hurt like I was dying. I was blind and in darkness for some time before I remembered how to turn the light back on. It took some time of wandering and hurting to get me back into His light. When I did knowing God deeper and more occured. Now, I more easily know when I am slipping and can catch myself before I fall. Not to say that I don’t trip every day, I just know how to get back up. God gives me his hand.
    Cant wait to read next week and get to know you.

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